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Job Description of a Firefighter

Firefighters are people that respond to accidents relating to fire or inferno which poses risks to life and property of mankind.

They respond, actively to calls from the scenes of car crashes, chemical spills, fuel (petrol) burning.

As a firefighter, you must be prepared to work in dangerous and unpleasant situations like heat, smoke-filled buildings, vehicle explosions, gas explosions. They often work with heavy equipment.

Training and Qualification

You can secure a firefighting job with or without a degree,

However, you will need to understand some training before you can be considered employable. You will be trained in health and safety management and specialist management.

You must undergo training so that you will be able to handle the necessary equipment and have knowledge of safety and precautionary tips.

Being physically fit is an important quality anybody considering to be a firefighter must consider.

You must meet set standards of physical fitness.

The minimum age required is 18 years before you can work as a firefighter. You will need to maintain good vision ability and learning ability.

Skills needed to be a Firefighter

  • Must be physically fit and strong enough to carry heavy equipment
  • Confident and resilience
  • You must be able to follow instructions
  • Team working spirit
  • Effective communication skill
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Courage and Fearlessness
  • Composure
  • Sensitivity
  • Smart

Duties and Responsibilities of a Firefighter

  • Firefighters respond instantly to calls and demand for help.
  • Rescuing trapped people and properties
  • Cleaning up and checking site after dealing with an accident

Where can you work as a Firefighter?

Employers of Firefighters are;

  • Armed forces
  • Local authority fire services
  • Industrial organization
  • Refineries
  • Gas filling station
  • Petrol station

Career Prospects of Firefighters

Firefighters earn promotions based on work dispensation and display of competence. Firefighting organizations have well structure careers which include;

  • Crew manager
  • Watch manager
  • Station manager
  • Group manager
  • Bridge manager
  • Chief fire officer
  • Area manager

Firefighters Salary

The median annual salary of Firefighter in the United States varies with states. In this article, we will consider the 10 highest paying states.

Rank State Annual Salary ($)
1 New Jersey 75, 880
2 California 73, 860
3 New York 70, 560
4 Washington 70, 300
5 Nevada 66, 670
6 Oregon 64, 330
7 Connecticut 63, 130
8 Alaska 60, 930
9 Massachusetts 60, 550
10 Maryland 58, 590


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