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We shall provide you with info on Automotive Technician Salary in this article. But before then, you should know who and what an Automotive technician does.

Job Description of an Automotive Technician

An Automotive technician is a mechanic that oversees the effective functioning of a vehicle. They detect disorders, repair, and sometimes replace spoilt parts of a vehicle.

Some of the technicians focus on repairing or diagnosing faults associated with the certain specific make of a vehicle while other works on variations of vehicular make.

Depending on the complexity of a fault, they may be required to disassemble the parts of a car for them to be able to repair or p[robably replace some parts if necessary.

It is, however, necessary for them to give an overview of cost to clients before starting work or checking the likely faults (inspection)

Duties/ Responsibilities of an Automotive Technician

Their duties include;

  • With the high rate of advancement in technology, the jobs of automotive technicians are becoming expanded daily, their job typically includes electronic systems. Since most vehicles produced nowadays has a sophisticated computer and electronic systems, technicians (auto) works with a computer to detect disorders and profer accurate and quick solutions to faults
  • Automotive technicians also carry out preventive maintenance. They check vehicle parts and systems to replace necessary parts that are faulty or not functioning effectively.

Educational Requirements to Become an Automotive Technician

The National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF) is the institution regulating the training of auto technicians in the United States. They evaluate trainees following advanced vehicle production technologies. The NATEF coordinates and accredits programs for secondary and postsecondary schools.

Skills required to become an Automotive Technician

  • You must be able to adapt to new technology development and learn new technologies
  • You must be able to deal with unpleasing conditions like heat, and toxic smells of chemicals
  • The automotive technician must have physical stamina because they may be required to carry heavy objects
  • As an auto technician, you must be technologically inclined
  • Must be able to acquire new skills and keep up with the trend of development
  • You must have somewhat computer knowledge because it will be required to detect disorders

Automotive Technician Salary

The annual earnings of Automotive technicians vary with location or States where.

We shall then reveal to you an Automotive Technician salary in some of the States in the U.S.A

States Annual Salary ($)
New York 45, 105
Massachusetts 44, 678
Washington 44, 367
New Hampshire 43, 483
Hawaii 42, 910
Maryland 41, 406
Connecticut 41, 393
North Dakota 41, 122
Alaska 41, 122
Wyoming 41, 122
Montana 41, 122
Nevada 41, 122
Idaho 41, 122
Rhoda Island 41, 056
Vermont 40, 833
Nebraska 40, 782
California 40, 427
Virginia 40, 247
Kentucky 39, 437
South Dakota 39, 344
New Jersey 39, 259
West Virginia 39, 211
Pennsylvania 39, 021
South Carolina 3, 819
Minnesota 38, 784
Oregon 38, 690
Delaware 38, 690
Tennessee 38, 690
Colorado 38, 633
Ohio 38, 379
Wisconsin 38, 287
Arizona 38, 208
Kansas 38, 043
Utah 37, 026
Indiana 37, 993


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