Bioinformatics Scientist Salary and Job Description

Before we dig deep into a Bioinformatics scientist salary, it is important to know it job description

Who is a Bioinformatics Scientist?

Bioinformatics scientist is someone who uses computational methods and software packages to sort, analyze and understand large biological databases.

Description of Bioinformatics and Uses

Historically, bioinformatics has a far record of solving biological problems using software and computational systems. Bioinformatics is interdisciplinary and the professionals in this fieldwork with biologists, hydrologists, computer systems administrators, geographers, molecular biologists to proffer solutions to the problem.

Importance/ Uses of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics plays invaluable roles in various biological phenomena. It has numerous applications in the research process and analysis of biological macromolecules.

The Application of Bioinformatics includes;

  • Understanding the Molecular Basis of Cancer:

Bioinformatics provides analytics tools in analyzing, diagnosing of cancer. It also provides an electronic approach in the representation of data. It also provides an electronic approach in the representation of data. These tools are used in the interpretation of large volumes of data generated.

  • Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases:

The introduction of bioinformatics has played important roles in analyzing a wide range of sequenced genomes and also in comparing large data. These data cannot, however, be feasibly analyzed manually. With the availability of computational systems, in-depth knowledge of the biological process of the systems under study is guaranteed.

  • Discovery of New Biological Insights:

This can be achieved through the analysis of biological data. When the guideline for addressing a science problem is followed, the challenge of computational analysis and related biological field can be well tackled. Whereas, biologists may concentrate on hypothesis testing of their laboratory experiments so that the large data obtained can be analyzed using bioinformatics. Meanwhile, computational analysts or scientists need to have a good understanding of the biological process and biomedical process. The good integration of these two aspects will bring immense development to life science research.

Related Careers in Bioinformatics

  • Computational Systems Analysts
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Biologist
  • Geographer
  • Hydrologists
  • Computer system Administrator

Bioinformatics Scientist Salary

The salary of a Bioinformatics varies based on the;

  • Level of experience
  • States in which you work

Note: The annual average salary of a Bioinformatics scientist in the United States is about $79, 590.

Bioinformatics Salary by Level

Level Mean Hourly Earnings $ Mean Annual Earnings $
Top-level 60.76 126,390
Senior Level 47.13 98,040
Mid-Level 38.27 79,590
Junior Level 28.97 60,250
Starting Level 21.65 45,030


Salary Earning by States

States Average Salary $
District of Columbia 84,670
Maryland 97,850
Virginia 83,180
Connecticut 91.320
Delaware 92,440
California 87,760
Rhoda Island 94,580
New York 88,430
Washington 79,590
Massachusetts 74,580
Illinois 83,370
Arizona 73,980
North Carolina 79,580
Texas 80,910
Mississippi 75,580
Hawaii 80,340
New Hampshire 81,170
South Carolina 77,560
Vermont 73,460
Alaska 75,260
Maine 71,650
New Jersey 81,880
Michigan 73,370
Nebraska 75,820
Arkansas 73,380
Utah 75.310
Minnesota 73,130
New Mexico 75,760
Pennsylvania 71,110
Wisconsin 70,540
Nevada 74,080
Georgia 71,280
Colorado 71,030


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