Bookkeeper Salary: How much do they Make

Bookkeeper Salary

Are you curious to know what a bookkeeper salary is like? This post provides you with bookkeepers salary scale and even more vital information about bookkeepers.

Do you know that every business needs a bookkeeper? Irrespective of the type of business you are executing, a bookkeeper is needed.

Every business which involves transactions requires a bookkeeper to grow to its topmost. Bookkeeper’s salary in America which will be revealed in this article is to help people who intend to work as a bookkeeper in the USA to know what they stand to take home as a salary.

After going through this post you can be able to deduce what you stand to receive as a median annual salary as a bookkeeper.

Have you thought of how much salary a bookkeeper makes yearly? If yes, then do you find out what their average annual salary is? How enticing is it? Does it worth going for?

The quest to know how much salary a bookkeeper makes by some people is brought to an end after reading this post.

According to the bureau labor of Statistics, the average annual salary of a bookkeeper ranges between $25,260 to 61,650.

What is a book Keeper?

A bookkeeper is a person who takes the financial record, document, and account of an organization or institute activities daily. A bookkeeper’s duties will always include a fair bit of data entry and receipt wrangling. Bookkeeper records will enhance better auditing by making sure your records are in proper order and your deductions are legal.


Qualities to possess to earn a better salary as a bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper if you want to earn a better salary than expected, you have to have the following;

  • Additional skill
  • Certifications
  • Educational background
  • Experience

Importance of a bookkeeper to your business

What are the advantages of having a bookkeeper in your business? If you have a good bookkeeper that helps to manage your record transaction you will stand a better chance of reaping.

Here we will be listing the benefit of a bookkeeper to your business;

  1. It will help you to comprehend your business seasonal flow
  2. Support your budgeting decisions
  3. You will have a rest of mind
  4. Help to know the profit and lost you recorded in the different product you sell
  5. Provides an auditing record of what you need to buy in addition to the product available with proper recording

Duties of a bookkeeper

The duties of a bookkeeper are very vast, but will be discussing four of those duties;

  • Equity statement of change:

Which gives your salary statement and the amount you paid to your worker and that which is retained

  • Income statement:

Provides the profit and loss recorded over time in your business

  • Cash flow statement:

This shows the amount of money entering and leaving your business

  • Balance sheet:

This provides your financial business stands at a specific period







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