Can I study geology and also have soccer as a career

Can I study geology and also have soccer as a career?

I have been faced with lots of questions concerning my career, but here is the question I ask myself “can I study geology and also have soccer as a career”.

Is there any possibility of this? Can one pursue geology and soccer as a career? Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time? Is this possible?

By the end of this article, I desire that you gain valuable insights into your career pursuit.

Before I proceed deep, let us have an overview of what soccer and geology entails.


Geology is the science that emphasis on the earth. It is concerned with important aspects of the earth such as the physical structure and substance of the earth, their history and the processes which act on them.

The study of organisms inhabiting the earth is also an important aspect of geology.

A geologist is therefore concerned with the materials the earth is made up of, the structures, processes, organisms and how they change with respect to time.

The career of geology no doubt attracts juicy opportunities. These opportunities span through various interesting industries. Among these industries is the oil industries.

Geologist plays crucial roles in the oil industry. They are therefore of high demand. Due to their relevancy in oil industries, they can attract to them themselves enviable salaries.

Geology is truly an awesome career path to sojourn.


According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Soccer is a game played on a field between two teams of 11 players each with the object to propel a round ball into the opponent’s goal by kicking or by hitting it with any part of the body except the hands and arms.

Without explaining much, almost everyone knows what soccer is. Its popularity and the glory it draws to itself would be one of the reasons why you delight in soccer.

Soccer is not only an interesting sport. The level of money that flows through soccer is enough to make the mouth water.

Soccer is, therefore, an illustrious career path to journey.

Is it Possible to Pursue Geology and Soccer Simultaneously?

Now to the main discourse. Geology is a great career path. Soccer is a great career path. Pursuing both would make you rich. You would be making yourself money from two distinct and powerful streams of income.

But this thing is, can you cope. Pursuing double career paths is equated to what I call “multitasking”.

This can cause severe stress and confusion.

But, do not get me wrong. Pursuing two career path is entirely possible.

I know of a man who is a lawyer, as well as a librarian. He was able to pursue a career in law and library science simultaneously. Right now, he is the current law librarian at the University of Port Harcourt.

He handles both legal issues and also attends to the library matters. He is indeed a quick-witted fellow but truth is, he is in pains.

How do I know this; he always broadcast his pains from time to time. Yes, he is a valuable asset. He can’t lack a job because demands for his service is quite high.

But he is undergoing severe stress.

Pursuing two careers can lead to stress. If care is not taken, might lead to confusion.

It is important to note that a career is different from a hobby. Soccer might be a hobby to some people but to stars like Christiano Ronaldo, it is a career.

The difference between a career and a hobby is that a career is more demanding. It is treated with much diligence since it provides a means to earn a living.

Pursuing geology and soccer as a career would demand heavily from you.

Moreover, geology and soccer are very distinct or far apart from each other. Geology is science inclined but soccer is a facet of sports. It is really hard to combine both due to the nature of their activities.

Pursuing two distinct careers that are too far apart is almost impossible.

But I Love Soccer and Geology, What can I do?

At some point in life, everyone is faced with difficult choices. The right choice to make can be very difficult.

It is important to note this, you might be able to pursue a career in geology and soccer. But truth is, you would have to give one more attention than the other.

To be able to succeed in any career of your endeavor, there is therefore high need to discover the career path that is right for you. When you discover the right career for you, it is important to put in your best so that you would succeed.

You might have a degree in Geology but later settles down as a star soccer player. You might play soccer as a hobby from time to time but you are a professional geologist.

All this is possible with focus and diligence.

Focus on a particular career path and be very diligent with it.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore soccer if you now choose to pursue a degree in soccer.

But the goal is to stay focused!


A hobby is different from a career. You may love geology but it turns out to be just a hobby. You may love soccer but it just might be a hobby. Discover your career but do not ignore your hobby. Pursue your career and use your hobby to cool off. Be the best in whatsoever career you wish to pursue.





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