Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science

Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science

Before delving deep into the discipline of Library and information science, it would be necessary to have an insight of what “Library and Information Science” as a discipline or career entails.

What is Library and Information science?

Library and information science can be seen as an multidisciplinary study. It is the merging of library science and information science. To have a clearer view of the concept of its discipline, I would be revealing the definition/meaning of the separate disciplines that conglomerate to form the term “Library and Information Science.

Library Science:This simply has to do with the collection, organization or processing, storage, preservation and dissemination of information resources in the library. This is normally backed up with so many principles to ensure optimal performance.

Information Science: This is the gathering of knowledge or information, preserving, storing, organizing,retrieving and/or making that knowledge or information available on appropriate basis .

From the definitions above, the term “information” is very conspicuous or noticeable. It is therefore pertinent to realize that the term “information” is a very critical factor to the discipline of Library and Information Science or L.I.S.


Library and information science though emphasizes interest in information, it is however different from other courses/ discipline that deals solely with information also.

Library and information stresses less on the creation of this information rather emphasis are laid in the aspect of the creation of intermediaries between Information seekers and Information providers.

In an earnest effort to ensure that information seekers are presented with the required or needful information at ease, various activities have been deployed by the discipline such as the creation of metadata, the use of bibliographical records, cataloging and others.

Common Sub-field of Library and Information Science

  • Knowledge organization
  • Library studies 
  • Information architecture
  • Information behavior
  • information science
  • interactive information retrieval
  • Information system
  • Scholarly communication
  • Digital library
  • Bibliometrics or scientometrics 
  • Digital literacy
  • Cataloging and classification

Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science

Below are the list of careers in Library and Information Science;

  • University Librarian
  • Taxonomist
  • Publishing Manager
  • Academic Librarian
  • Law librarian 
  • Reference librarian
  • Research analyst
  • Web content strategist
  • Children librarian
  • Special librarian
  • Rare books curator
  • Internet trainer
  • Program consultant
  • Information officer
  • School Librarian
  • Senior program manager
  • Semantic modeler
  • Subject specialist librarian
  • Urban branch manager
  • Librarian and media specialist
  • Electronic resource librarian
  • Competitive intelligent analyst
  • Information architect 
  • Knowledge manager.


There are variegated number of career opportunities in the field of Library and Information Science, however passion is required on your part to play.

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