Career Opportunities in Physical and Health Education

Do you have an interest in the discipline of Physical and Health Education? If yes is your answer, then this post is meant for you. I would be revealing the top careers in Physical and Health Education to you. But before I do just that, let’s take a look at what the field of Physical and Health Education entails;

Physical Education:

This is an offered course or an element of an educational curriculum offered in schools. It is commonly referred to as PE or gym class. Physical education is majorly concerned with the discourse of courses interested in bodily development, physical health, and wellness, strength, physical coordination, and agility. Physical education classes are designed to teach children ways to stay physically fit, enjoy different physical activities with ease, develop nimble skills to participate in myriads of recreational activities with ease, and balance these recreational activities with their academics.

Physical education enables children to engage in a wide range of recreational activities or sporting exercises including Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming, and many others.

Physical education
Physical education teacher engaging kids in sporting activities

Health Education:

This teaches people matters about their health. Therefore maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the principal focus of health education.

Health-related issues including exercises, hygiene, nutrition, rest, sex, intellectual health, environmental health are among the wider range of discourse that forms the content in Health education.

Health education
Health Instructor educating her students on health-related issues

Physical and Health Education Career Opportunities

Several career opportunities exist in the field of Physical and Health Education and these career paths would be divulged to you, as you read below;

1. Physical Education Teacher:

Individuals with a degree in Physical and Health Education may find themselves as Physical Education teachers. Physical Education teachers educate children in either elementary or secondary schools. They educate children on sporting practices needed to maintain bodily development, physical health, and wellness, strength, physical coordination, and agility.

2. Health Teachers:

Health teachers educate students on behaviors necessary to improve, maintain, and restore health. They generally educate pupils on living a healthy life.

3. Coach:

Coaching is another career found in Physical and Health Education. Coaching involves instructing students to adhere to sporting rules while also inciting them to engage in different fitness activities.

4. Fitness Instructor:

With a degree in Physical and Health Education, you would possess the required knowledge in skills related to fitness activities and exercises, therefore making you qualified for a career as a fitness instructor. A fitness instructor instructs or coaches an individual or group on fitness activities.

5. Sports Journalist:

A degree in Physical and Health education broadens your career scope even in the pursuit of becoming a sports journalist. Sports Journalist reports current news related to sports through the aid of different media including the television, radio internet, etc.

6. Lecturing and Research:

Furthering of study to incorporate a Masters’s degree or even a Doctorate to your qualifications exposes you to more diverse career paths. Asides tutoring in elementary and secondary schools, furthering your study qualifies you for a lecturing career at the higher institution. With a Doctorate, you could embark on rigorous research in the field of Physical and Health education.

7. Sports Psychology:

A degree in Physical and Health education equips you with the desired knowledge necessary to pursue a career in sports psychology. Sports Psychology emphasizes improving the mindset of athletes to overcome any form of psychological barriers that they may be faced with and subsequently improving the performance.

Other lists of a career in Physical and Health Education are presented below;

  • Physical Therapist
  • Athletic Administration
  • Sports Nutrition.


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