Careers in Communication: What Can You do With a Degree in Communication Studies

Communication is a very important aspect of life. I believe it is the core of every human relationship. In fact, no one human could do with communication. Communication is so critical to life to the very extent that it is not just only useful to get understand our friends, family and so on, but it is an indispensable tool in all industries. Communication in industries helps to advertise or promote products or services, improve business relationship, and many more.

Having a degree in Communication studies would of course improve your verbal/oral and written communication. Hence, a communication degree would prepare you for a wide range of diversified career paths in so many enviable industries. In other words, there is of definitely, a high demand for communication experts.

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Career Options for Communication Studies Degree

There are several career paths to pursue with a degree on Communication studies, some of the most popular choices are presented below with short descriptions;

1. Communication Management

2. Journalism

3. Advertising / marketing

4. Public Relation (PR) Specialist

5. Communication Education

6. Human Relations Manager

7. Market Research Analyst

8. Interpreters and Translators

9. Fund raising Managers

10. Social Media Experts

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1. Communication Manager:

Communication manager must have a deep knowledge of whatsoever organization or firm they are offering their services to. They are aware of the firm or organization’s mission, goals and objectives, value of products and services etc. They are responsible for effectively spreading the story of the Organization.

2. Journalism:

Journalists are news carriers. They collect, write, edit and present news articles typically in electronic publications and broadcast news media. As a Journalist, your job ranges from writing articles to editing to conducting interviews to investigating stories. Journalism deals with a broad range of topics including sports, entertainment and many more. You could choose to be a Lord Journalist in any topic.

3. Advertising/ Marketer:

A communication degree with no doubt equips you with the skills needed to rightly persuade or intelligently engage in a presentation. Advertising/ marketing professionals through the aid of communication are able to convince potential users/audience/customers into actual users/audience/ customers. They build a product or service popularity thus promoting the firm’s strength.

4. Public Relations (PR) Specialist:

Public Relations (PR) specialists are taxed with the duty of creating and maintaining a favourable public image of a company. Public Relations specialists therefore plays important roles to consistently maintain a favourable image of a company in the eyes of the public. Some of the roles they play includes; creating and sharing articles, developing strategies on various medium such as social media and  so on

5. Communication Education:

Your communication degree also paved the career the career path of education. As a communication graduate, you possess the necessary skills to satisfy employment requirements in elementary and secondary schools. Asides offering your service in elementary and secondary schools, you can also stand the chance of becoming a higher education lecturer. This however depends on your degree qualification.

6. Human Relations Manager:

Human Relations manager act as an intermediary or link between employees and employers. They develop strategies to manage and improve the relationship between employees and employers, facilitate or improve the services offered by employees, settle rancor or disputes between staffs and many more. In general, they are tasked with the responsibility of managing and improving the human resources of a company or organization efficiently and consistently. Communication is a critical factor in maintaining human relationship in an organization. A communication degree therefore prepares you for a career path in Human relation management.

7. Market Research Analyst:

Market surveys are conducted by so many companies. This activity is needed to gather necessary information that influences a company’s decision making. Information realized from market surveys can be too complicated to interpret and communicate. As a communication expert or graduate, you possess the necessary skills in simplifying technical reports gathered from market surveys and presenting it in the most intelligible form possible.

8. Interpreters and Translators:

We live in a multicultural world where over 6,000 languages are spoken. On the basis of this, Interpreters and Translators are of high demands. Interpreters are communication experts who listens to a speaker in one language and relates that utterance to the audience in a different language. While, Translators are communication experts who translates text, film or other material into a different language. In whatsoever way, Translators and Interpreters ensures communication is reached despite difference in language between two parties.

9. Fundraising Managers:

Fundraisers develop strategies to raise funds through grand campaign. Their services are needed in almost every sector or industry. Although, they are mostly needed in non-profit organizations. Excellent communication skills is therefore needed to run campaigns, build and maintain good relationship with potential donors

10. Social Media Experts:

With the advent of social media, a lot of industries has truly experience a paradigm shift. Social media has now become a popular tool for the promote of products and services. A career as a social media expert is a good career option for a communication graduate. Social media experts develop modalities to keep users or audience engages and informed through the use of communication. Social media experts are equivalent to advertising specialist that uses the various social media platforms as tools to aid their task.

Skills You Would Gain with a Communication Degree

There are several skills you are to posses as a communication graduate, these skills are listed out below;

  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to create and build on strategic communication plans
  • Good leadership skills
  • Ability to plan and conduct market surveys
  • Expertise in simplifying, interpreting or communicating technical report gathered from market surveys
  • Good marketing skills


A communication degree prepares you for a wide range of interesting career which of course is not limited to the careers options unraveled within this post. However, it is up to you to diligently put in the required effort to improved your skills in communication.

Furthering your study is also a great idea to boost your qualifications. In whatsoever way, a diligent and persistent hard-work remains an indispensable tool for self improvement

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