Chemical Engineer Salary in the United States

Before we delve deep into a chemical engineer salary, it is relevant to know who is a chemical engineer. Just keep reading

Job Description of a Chemical Engineer

A Chemical engineer is a person that implement the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology to proffer solution to the problem relating to the synthesis of chemicals, drug production, fuel, food and many chemical products like weed killers, agrochemicals, fertilizers and so on.

They design tools and mechanisms for large scale production, test production methods, and treatments of products.

To become a Chemical engineer, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or related field. A degree in this field takes four years to be completed. During this period you will partake in fieldwork, laboratories, and classroom works. As an aspiring chemical engineer, you must offer physics, Math, chemistry, and biology in secondary or high schools.

In some schools, a combined 5 years program will enable you to earn a Master’s degree.

During this program, universities form partnerships with industries so that their students can gain practical knowledge and experience while completing their program.

Skills of Chemical Engineer

  1. As a Chemical engineer, you have high analytical skills. You must be able to find solutions to designs that did not operate as predicted or expected.
  2. Chemical engineers must be creative. You must be able to invent new materials, manufacturing techniques, and so on.
  3. Interpersonal skill is also important. You must be able to work with other people in the field.
  4. Mathematically Inclined: God knowledge of mathematics is necessary for finding solutions to problems
  5. Ingenuity

Licenses, Certifications, and Registration

Licensed engineers are called professional engineers. The license allows for a higher level of leadership and independence. State licensure may require;

  • A degree from ABET-accredited engineering program.
  • A passing score on the fundamentals of engineering
  • Relevant work experiencing at least 4 years
  • A passing score on the professional engineering exam.

Job Prospect

Chemical engineers have high job prospects. The growth of employment is by six percent over the next ten years. Since the demand for products of manufacturing companies is always on increase, the chemical engineers demand will migrate into dynamic fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology, and so on.

Duties of a Chemical engineer

  1. Chemical engineers perform operations which includes;
  • Troubleshooting problems with manufacturing processes.
  • Evaluation of tools and equipment and ensure their best use.
  • Design and plan the layout of equipment
  • Formulate safety, strategies for people dealing with dangerous chemicals and equipment
  • Conducts tests and monitor the performance of process throughout production.

Let’s do this. The main reason for hitting this article. Below, we unravel to you a Chemical engineer salary.

Chemical Engineer Salary Structure

A Chemical engineer Salary per annum depends on locations (state) in which you work, industry, and experience.

State Annual Salary $
New York 91, 343
Massachusetts 90, 450
Washington 89, 849
New Hampshire 88, 018
Hawaii 86, 969
Maryland 83, 852
Connecticut 83, 758
North Dakota 83, 238
Alaska 83, 238
Wyoming 83, 238
Montana 83, 238
Nevada 83, 238
Idaho 83, 238
Nebraska 83, 238
Vermont 82, 550
Rhoda Island 82, 505
California 81, 926
Virginia 81, 464
Kentucky 79, 676
South Dakota 79, 641
West Virginia 79, 508
New Jersey 79, 466
Pennsylvania 78, 952
South Carolina 78, 616
Minnesota 78, 524
Arizona 78, 354
Tennessee 78, 269
Delaware 78, 238
Colorado 78, 167


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