Crane operator Salary: How Much do they Make

Crane operator Salary

Have you wondered how much salary crane operators make annually? What about their average annual salary? What is the salary pay like? Would you like to be one in the future? If yes, Career Quakers has brought to you what the salary of a crane operator is like in Canada, USA, and china.

Perhaps you might find yourself in any of this country. Knowing what each of these countries’ salary pays for the crane operator is vital.

What a crane operator

A crane operator is a person who operates a crane. This person uses the crane to move an object from one place to another. There are several types and sizes of cranes, these are mobile crane, boom truck, self- erect tower cranes, and tower cranes. Each of these cranes serves different functions.

Where does a crane operator work

There are several places where crane operators can be found, which include warehouse, construction companies, pulp mills, mining, refineries, etc.

What do crane operators do?

Varieties of activities are been done by crane operators which include,

  • Maintenance of the crane to ensure that is at its best
  • Driving the crane to the workplace
  • Putting the crane under supervision while driving it
  • Repair some issues that not so serious in the crane
  • Take a record of the goods that the moved from one place to another.

The requirement of a crane operator

Below here we shall be listing the requirement of a crane operator;

  1. CDL Class B license.
  2. Must have NCCCO or equivalent crane operator certification
  3. High school diploma
  4. Nothing less than industrial four years of experience
  5. CDL Class A license preferred
  6. Pass medical check-up
  7. How eloquent the person is

Industries with their salary pay for a crane operator


Median annual salary

Construction $55,590
Utilities $56,730
Transportation and Warehousing $51,000
Manufacturing $44,860
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $56,340
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing $55,430
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting $39,820
Retail Trade $39,960
Management of Companies and Enterprises $44,890
Manufacturing $44,860
Public Administration $48,220


Crane Operator salary in China

The average annual salary of a crane operator in china is ¥104,472 (CNY)/yr. Although your years of experience has a lot of roles to play in the salary you receive. A bonus is another thing that makes up this salary some times.

Crane operator in Canada

The mean annual salary of a crane operator in Canada is $46,069. The level of experience also has a lot to tell about the crane operator’s salary in Canada.


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