Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Students

Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Students

This post reveals the most effective time management tips for students no matter how busy they are.

It is the quest of every student to effectively manage his or her time for greater productivity. Sometimes, this may seem like an impossible task. The number of tasks that your shoulder seems too heavy to bear. You want to make it big in your academics but it looks like the time is not just enough. Time management now becomes a strange word for you.

You need not bother yourself anymore on how to manage your time as a student. This post would provide you with very effective time management tips especially when you are a busy student.

Effective Time Management Tips for Me, But I am a Really Busy Student?

I know of a guy who had 48 hours in his time for a day. If you ask me where he is, I would tell you that he lived in my imagination. Every in this whole wide world has just 24 hours a day to do our thing. Not one human has less than 24 hours and not one human has above 24 hours. But why does it seem that some people have more time than others? Simple, proper time management!

An effective time management strategy would help you avoid getting so much stress while still able to make achievements.

The issue of time management is a very big one. There is, therefore, a need for students to manage their time.

The difference between an “A” student and an average student is an effective time management strategy.

No matter how busy you are as a student, you can effectively manage your time and still get the best result.

How? You might be asking. I would divulge to you some brilliant time management tips for students.

Time Management Tips for Busy Students

  • Prioritize
  • Create a Checklist
  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Take note of Distractions and Eliminate them
  • Be Inspired
  • Have your Goal Always in Mind
  • Move with Friends that have the same vision as you
  • Cut down your priorities
  • Work before Play
  • Early to rise, Early to Shine
  • Take breaks
  • Understand yourself
  • Take Breaks
  • Observe 7 to 8 hours of Sleep at Night


To effectively manage your time as a student, the need to prioritize becomes a great necessity. Prioritization involves assigning priorities to things. Priorities are things that matter most to you.

Without establishing priorities, things that are of less importance began wasting up your time.

You would need to establish a priority list and follow it diligently.

Create a Checklist:

You can create a checklist to enable you to effectively follow your priority. The checklist would contain the list of tasks to be completed. It would also contain the time length you wish to spend on a particular task.

Having a checklist would promote the organization. Being organized as a student is a critical factor in time management.

Avoid Procrastinating:

Procrastination is a villain to time management. It could fight and kill your time as a student if you are not careful.

Procrastination is simply the outcome of laziness. You need to understand procrastination for what it is; a killer of time.

Understand Yourself:

To observe proper time management as a student, you would need to understand yourself profoundly. You need to know the time when you are more productive to do a certain task.

For instance, if you find it easier to study in the afternoon, then do not waste the afternoon. Every other thing that you do at that moment should be considered as a means to waste your time.

In summary, understand when you are more productive and do not waste that time.

Take Note of Distractions and eliminate them:

This is one of the problems that eat up the time of most students. But so many students do not realize this. The problem of distraction to effective time management is not so easy to deal with.

Many forms of distractions can eat up the time of students. Social media is a common form of distraction for students. Electronic games, Television, friends are other forms of distraction that can kill the time of students.

The issue of distractions among students can be very hard to deal with. The best way to deal with distractions is discipline. You would have to discipline yourself against things that distract you and eat up your time.

You can achieve this by staying far away from those things that distract you and kill your time as a student. For instance, turning up your phone during study hours would go a long way in keeping focus and so on.

In summary, discipline would help you solve the issue of distraction. Therefore, helping you as a student to manage your time.

Set priorities with Shorter Time Length:

Having a problem with proper time management as a student? You want to use your time for just the right task but can’t just seem to stay focus?

Simple, set priorities with shorter time length.

For instance, every day, I must read for 30 minutes.

It isn’t much, but it is a very effective time management strategy that can guarantee you optimal results.

Be Inspired:

This is a tip I would love you to take cognizance of. This tip is so important, as it is what has kept me going.

As a student, you would most times find that the most important things on your priority list are the hardest things to do. This is not your fault. It is not that you are not serious or you are not meant for academics. The problem is that you are not inspired.

If you are inspired, you would find it very easy to deal with the problem of distraction. You would be able to focus on those things that matter more to you as a student, therefore, enabling you to manage your time effectively.

Inspiration would lead to determination.

How do I get inspired? It is very simple. Read online of people who made it big by managing their time effectively. Read of people like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and many more.

Have your Goal Always in Mind:

Always have your goal on your mind. See the relevancy of being a student. Some days, you would become a doctor or a lawyer or a librarian or whatever you wish to become. Have this as your agenda.

Most times, working with a clear vision of what you want would help you stay focus and therefore manage your time effectively.

Move with Friends that have the Same Vision with you:

Trust me when I say not everyone deserves to be friends with you. Most often, moving with friends which cannot effectively manage their time would greatly affect you negatively. The chances that you will not be able to manage your time would be 85%.

Move with friends that passion for what you passion in academics. Move with friends that can keep your focus when you are losing focus.

By doing this, you would be able to manage your time effectively.

Cut down your priorities:

Having lots of priorities is one of the problems of so many students. This is one of the problems that affect the proper time management of students.

Having so many tasks may make you lose focus of your paramount goal as a student.

For instance, being in the jet club, media club, bible club, drama club, music club, and reading club all a time is a really bad idea.

Yes, those clubs are important to you. But if you want to effectively manage your time, you need to cut down your priorities and focus on the few you can.

Work before Play:

“Work before play” is an important time management tip you would need to learn as a student. It is a principle that you must try as much as possible to adhere to as a student.

This simply means that you should attend to priorities first then award your time by watching TV or whatever that you think befits you.

Early to rising, Early to Shine:

Observe this time management tip and I can guarantee you that you would shine earlier. Plan to wake up early each time and begin the day by doing something worth it.

Take Breaks:

An important time management tip is the taking of breaks. Do not overwork yourself else you would feel frustrated or too stress out to pay attention to other priorities. Set breaks in-between priorities. This will help you effectively manage your time as a student and manage stress.

Observe 7 to 8 hours of Sleep at Night:

You need strength as a student to perform a different task. You should try as much as possible to observe 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Although, this is not all that possible. There are times whereby sacrificing your nights to achieve goals becomes a mandate.


There you have it pals, effective tips for time management for students like you.


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