Garbage Man Salary | Duties | Requirements

Before we learn about a Garbage man salary, let’s learn about a Garbage man

Job Description of a Garbage Man

Garbage collection involves the collection of wastes and materials that can be recycled for further processing and utilization.

They can be called sanitation workers. They can also be referred to as a garbage truck driver because most times they are required to drive and with this, they can work without supervision.

For the sake of this article, we will interrelate the duties of the aforementioned and blend them into one. Since they perform the same duties but only differentiated by names, based on the one anyone chooses to call them or refer to them as.

They work within a designated municipality. The garbage collection process typically involves the gathering of wastes and emptying them into the truck. It is later driven to a designated incineration depository. The recyclable materials are obtained from the wastes and the rest discarded.

Education and Training Requirements

To become a garbage man, you must have the following;

  • A driver license
  • High school diploma certificate
  • Passed criminal test
  • Past drug screening check

It is however important to note that an aspiring garbage man must be physically fit. This is because sometimes, you may be required to lift heavy loads into the truck.

Duties of a Garbage Man

Garbage man or Garbage collector or Garbage Truckman or Sanitation worker (whichever way you choose) are typically responsible for the following services;

  1. They make sure wastes are being removed, transported, and disposed of according to laid down procedures.
  2. They execute and carry out daily safety and maintenance checks.
  3. Ensuring that wastes and recyclables are picked up at residences and properly disposed of.
  4. Carrying of trash bags, bulk items, and containers
  5. They help the handicaps and elderly to lift wastes from their homes.
  6. Maintaining stable and healthy customers relationship
  7. Keeping and documenting records of garbage pick-ups.
  8. They can also carry out snow removal
  9. Maintain the performance of the truck
  10. Clean and maintain trucks as required
  11. Uploading and offloading of garbage
  12. Maintaining scheduled appointments of garbage collections
  13. Make necessary reports and feedbacks to supervisors

Job prospect

They have good job prospects and will remain. This is because people would always generate waste. These wastes would always be needed to be cleared and properly disposed of. Hence, a reasonable level of working opportunity for an intending garbage collector.

Where can they Work

They typically work with;

  • Private garbage management firms
  • Privately
  • Federal Agency responsible for waste management

Garbage Man Salary

The salary of garbage man varies with location (state) and whether he/she works with the private or public sector.

State Annual Salary $
New York 42, 078
Massachusetts 41, 680
Washington 41, 389
New Hampshire 40, 564
Hawaii 40, 031
Maryland 38, 627
Connecticut 38, 615
North Dakota 38, 362
Alaska 38, 362
Wyoming 38, 362
Montana 38, 362
Nevada 38, 362
Idaho 38, 362
Rhoda Island 38, 301
Vermont 38, 093
Nebraska 38, 045
California 37, 714
Virginia 37, 546
Kentucky 36, 790
South Dakota 36, 704
New Jersey 36, 624
West Virginia 36, 580
Pennsylvania 36, 408
South Carolina 36, 214
Minnesota 36, 181
Oregon 36, 094
Delaware 36, 094
Tennessee 36, 063
Colorado 36, 040
Ohio 35, 803
Wisconsin 35, 718
Arizona 35, 644
Kansas 35, 490
Utah 35, 474
Indiana 35, 415
Oklahoma 35, 359
Maine 35, 232
Louisiana 35, 089


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