How much do a Game Artist make | Job Description, Duties, Career

Game Artist Job Description

Game Artist works with graphic designs, codes, and so on, to create the content of a designed game.

They utilize computer software to build illustrations, 2D, and 3D art for the visual components of video games.

Game Artists sometimes use drawings and paintings to also depict texture characters and models to create the desired content.

They have the imagination of what the objects will look like. They then sketch the designs that are relevant to the game. Sketches are thereafter converted to 3D or 2D computer graphics.

Duties/ Responsibilities of Game Artist

Game Artists are tasked with lots of duties. They work with other professionals. Some of these professionals include; Lead artists, Modelers, Graphics designers, etc. to produce particular artworks in a game.

They focus on video games and helps in sketching the scenes, background, vehicles, props, etc.  in any game.

It is interesting to know that there are different types of Game Artist. Their specialization and roles depending on the category they belong to.

The Concept Artist helps creates arts in a game building process that may not necessarily be displayed in the final release.

Game Artists also help in actualizing the production and execution of game projects from mere concepts and imagination.

They design and provide illustrations for games. Game Artists also provides a good environment for marketing.

Skill, Qualification, and Experience

Having the requirements and experience as a Game Artist will enhance good performance and professionalism.

As an applicant, the special skill and experience you have would no doubt give you an edge in landing a job.

The knowledge of Physics and Math will be of immense help.

You can also enroll as a trainee in game developing ventures to improve your skills and experience.

Having an understanding of Photoshop, Flash, Shot composition, Game logo creation, Digital painting, illustration (Digital), Online gaming, etc. would help you become a professional in the field.

Job Prospects of a Game Artist

Although, the demand for Game Artists has been experiencing downward and upward progression overtime until recently that is experienced steadiness.

It is noteworthy, that game industries observe periods of booming and periods of regression.

During the period of regression, workers may be laid off. This would usually make them start searching for a new job.

No Game industry can thrive without Game Artist,

So, during the period of a boom, Game Artist would secure good jobs or would be paid well in the company they are already offering services to.

However, during the time of regression, things would be tough for Game Artists.

Related Careers/ Team Working Careers with Game Artist

  • Lead Artist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Art Director

Salary Structure of a Game Artist

Their earning depends on factors like;

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Company or Studio Strength.
  • Stylistic fit,
  • Specialization and so on.

Your experience would greatly influence your earnings.

Large game industries place value on Game Artists’ ability. Game Artists that show high specialization skills and quality tech-work are greatly rewarded financially by large industries.

Smaller industries may not, however, be capable of paying a Game Artist as high as what they deserve. This is because they may lack the financial strength to do so.

However, working with a small Game company is not a bad deal. This is because small industries stand a chance of breaking through market competition if they have highly skilled workers.

It is also imperative to state that larger industries have bigger projects and hence they have stronger financial strength to pay Game Artists.

It is therefore obvious to state that Game Artists working in bigger Game companies would earn a higher salary than those working in smaller Game companies.

Some Game Artists in Giant game companies earns a salary of up to $114, 000 per year.

Average Annual Game Artists Salary

The average annual salary for Game Artist in the United States is $90, 000. This implies that almost half the number of Game Artist earns above $90, 000. While the other half earns below the average annual wage.

Game Artist Salary According to Level

Look at the table to have a clearer view of Game Artists’ salary in the United States of America.

Level Annual Average Salary $
Top-level 144, 000
Senior Level 117, 000
Mid-Level 90, 000
Junior Level 66, 000
Entry Level 47, 000




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