How much do Animators make: Salary | Job Description

You are gonna find out how much do Animators make in the United States. Before then, knowing who an Animator is and what they do is vital.

Job Description of an Animator

Animators are specialists in design, which uses computer software to create images and general features that may appear in video games, movies, and mobile applications.

They create 3D models for companies that they display on their website.

People that enjoy this job are those that have natural talent and passion for bringing imaginations to reality. An Animator has abundant time for him/himself and the family, especially when working as an independent artist.

Animation on its own entails the production of images termed FRAMES, which coupled together create an illusion of movement. The images can be manually generated pictures, puppets, or models.

Computer-based animation spans to the feature of generated pictures in television, internet, and game industries,

As an Animator, your work may include communicating with clients to clearly understand what they demand and how to perfectly create what they want. You can utilize storyboards to plan for your work with 3D modeling software and carry out the necessary changes as demanded by your client or suggested by your colleagues.

Requirements and Skills of Animators

To become an animator, you must pursue a degree in courses related to art or animation with a compulsory knowledge of computer software, drawing and film making.

You can also specialize and focus on programs that deal with making an animation for games and video if that is your aspect of interest.

You have to develop a portfolio to showcase during your study to exhibit your talent and ability to carry out artworks,


  • You must have a good sense of imagination
  • Sophisticated in the use of computer software
  • Have team workability
  • Must have good communication ability.

Salary of an Animator: How much do Animators make

In the United States, the annual salary of an Animator depends on factors like;

  • Experience
  • States of location
  • Level etc.

We will consider the different earnings by animators based on States

State Annual Median Salary $
Connecticut 94, 140
Washington 90, 540
District of Columbia 89. 770
California 84, 740
New York 79, 630
Texas 72, 910
New Jersey 81, 000
Idaho 68, 580
Pennsylvania 66, 317
Utah 59, 710
North California 71, 270
North Dakota 83, 150
Oregon 64, 850
Hawaii 62, 120
Massachusetts 67, 570,
Illinois 58, 864
Colorado 67, 970
Arizona 63, 320
Kentucky 50, 540
Virginia 63, 570
Tennessee 60, 010
Kansas 62, 7400
Nevada 60, 710
Indiana 53, 780
Florida 61, 220
Georgia 57, 020
Minnesota 59, 690
Maryland 57, 990
Louisiana 50, 270
Michigan 58, 180
Alabama 59, 550
Missouri 57, 280
Arkansas 55, 090
New Mexico 54, 300
Ohio 53, 480
Wisconsin 56, 320
Oklahoma 53, 520
Iowa 49, 690
Nebraska 46, 310
Montana 44, 980
South Dakota 41, 050
South Carolina 35, 440


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