How much do Truck Drivers make | Job description, Salary, Requirements

Job Description of a Truck Driver

Truck drivers work with various companies to distribute goods from one location to another.

They typically undertake the movement of products from where they are manufactured to retail outlets. Some of the Truck drivers also engage in the sales of goods and also attend to customer’s complaints and suggestions.

Requirements to Become a Truck Driver

  • Truck Drivers must possess a problem-free driving history
  • They must provide a good medical report
  • Must pass a drug test
  • Pass an alcoholic examination
  • Present a Commercial Driver License
  • Possess at least a High School Diploma

Duties of a Truck Driver

  • Loading and handling of goods and heavy cargo
  • They also unload trucks after getting to the destination retail Centre
  • Traveling long distances for the delivery of goods to customers
  • They observe and maintain traffic laws and regulations
  • Monitor and inspect the performance of the truck
  • Record issues to the company or appropriate quarters in cases of malfunctioning.
  • Report road accidents to dispatchers
  • They help to purchase fuel in refilling the truck and help clean the truck
  • Direct customers’ complaints to the appropriate management or officers.
  •  Investigate safety loads by ensuring goods are properly loaded on trucks.
  • Make records in compliance with the Director of Transport orders and regulation
  • They work hand in hand with the Director of Transport to maintain a vehicle in good operating conditions.
  • Make use of tractors, trailers, commercial vehicles and so on, to transport or deliver equipment

Truck Drivers Salary

The average annual salary of a Truck driver depends on the state or location in which he works.

But on the average, the difference in their earnings could vary as much as $10, 000 based on location.

In this article, we would be considering some of the salaries of Truck Drivers in some of the states in the United States.

This will provide you with an insight into just how much Truck drivers make.


Average Annual Salary $

Washington DC 52, 760
Connecticut 49, 880
Virginia 42, 660
New Jersey 49, 080
New Hampshire 45, 030
Massachusetts 50, 310
Maryland 47, 940
New York 50, 460
California 47, 300
Wyoming 50, 200
Nevada 50, 920
Mississippi 41, 900
Kentucky 45, 550
Utah 45, 600
South Carolina 44, 270
Arizona 45, 430
New Mexico 44, 460
Indiana 42, 210
Idaho 42, 010


Job Prospects of a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are a very important transport team in any company.

They have high opportunities for getting a job presently and in the future as predicted by previous surveys and researches.


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