How Much Does Hairstylists make per year: Salary and Job Prospect

In this article, we are concerned with how much do hairstylists make per year. Before then, we need to know a thing or two.


Hairstylists are beauty service professionals who use hair making techniques to cut or beautify hair to improve a person’s appearance.

In the United States, hairstylists are licensed after undergoing some specific formal training. They obtain and pay for licenses that enable them to operate. They sometimes have to renew the licenses. Some of the hairstylists are self-employed while some work under others.

Education and Training Requirements of a Hairstylist

The minimum age to operate or attend a hairstylist’s school is 16 years in all the States in America.

To be qualified as a hairstylist, you must enroll and complete the state-approved program in cosmetology. This usually lasts for 9 months. An associated degree may be awarded after undergoing this program.


To work as a hairstylist, you must be licensed. Evidence of training completion is needed.  You also may be required to practically display your skill before you can be licensed. You will have to pay and renew the license when needed.


  • Clients/ customers satisfaction. This is a very important skill, every hairstylist must possess. You must treat your customer well to have him/ her around next time.
  • Must be contented with the service you rendered.
  • Must be able to relate with your customers and understand what they want.
  • You must have excellent skills in making choice.
  • Good time management prowess. Clients won’t like to stay for long.

Duties of a Hairstylist

  • Rendering distinctive customer satisfying services
  • Recommendation of hair styling products.
  • Must be excellent in the treatment and fashioning of hair.
  • Through the use of hair making techniques, they must be able to improve the looks of customers.
  • Cutting and styling of hair.
  • Shampooing or applying shampoo products and other hair products on hair.
  • Rendering blow-dry services and keratin smoothing
  • Delivering of hair tinting services.
  • Must be able to attract new customers through quality service and commendable attitudes.
  • Displaying and marketing of hair care products
  • They keep up to booking appointments
  • They render home services to customers if needed
  • Hairstylists must be able to adjust to change in trends in the fashion of hair making.
  • Willingness to update your education to maintain trends of hair making processes.

Job Prospects of Hairstylists

There is an increasing demand for hair-care, and hairstyling. The demand for hairstylists will be growing higher on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment rate of the hairstylist is expected to grow by about 13 percent through 2026.

How Much Do Hairstylists make per year: Salary in the U.S.

The salary of hairstylists per year in America varies with location and experience.

High experienced hairstylist earns more than the less experienced ones.

Likewise, their pay varies across States in the U.S.

The Highest Paying States for Hairstylists

Below are the top 20 paying states for hairstylists

State Average  Yearly Salary $
District of Columbia
Massachusetts 26, 570
Washington 23, 730
New Jersey 24, 750
Delaware 19, 220
South Dakota 21, 190
Wyoming 19, 020
Alaska 21, 590
Vermont 22, 180
Colorado 21, 230
Minnesota 20, 850
Guam 22, 180
Rhoda Island 21, 100
Maryland 19, 700
Virginia 17, 170
California 22, 470
Iowa 17, 160
New York 21, 640


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