How to Avoid Sleeping While Studying: Tips for Effective Study

How to Avoid Sleeping While Studying: Tips for Effective Study

Avoid sleeping while studying? Can that be possible for me? But sleeping is so important and can never be utterly ignored. Sleeping is one of the primary requirements of life. However, sleeping can become a problem especially when it comes unexpectedly and quite often while trying to study.

We all know this little fact; anything done at the wrong time is more or less considered to be wrong no matter how right it may seem. Sleep, on the other hand, is no exception, sleeping is completely righteous however sleeping when planning to study can be quite wrong.

This, however, is a habit faced by so many students. Sincerely, I once struggled with this habit. But I would teach you how I overcome it.

Sleep Can Be Deceptive

Most times you must have had the complete sleep for about eight hours at night. You woke up feeling energized. You engage in one or two mental tasks but still feel energized than ever. The moment you walk up straight to your reading desk and sit down preparing to study, sleep knocks you down like a driver without a break in his car. If you would have gone outside and play or turn on the TV or listen to some good hip hop tunes, you may be awake for a very long time.

So what I driving at, “sleeping while ready to study can be deceptive”. You want to study to achieve a certain goal like that for instance; you want to impress your colleagues that you are a brilliant student, you want to make your papa proud, you want to brighten up your future and so many more. That’s all good but your body doesn’t care about all that. Your body sees it as a complete waste of time and a boring task. So as a way of reacting, it yawns, gets weak and fake asleep.  So how do you intend avoiding sleeping while studying?

Just keep reading and this would be revealed to you.

These Top Tips Would Help you a Lot to Avoid Unnecessary Sleep While Studying

It is important to note that there are day readers and they are also night readers. It is important to take cognizance of this because our body reacts at day differently from the way it reacts at night. So the first few easy-to-observe tips would be concentrating on day readers or those who prefer a study at the day time while the second easy-to-observe tips would be emphasizing on night readers or those who prefer to study at night.

Tips to Avoid Sleeping While Studying (for only those that study at day)

If you study at day time and probably get distracted with annoying phenomena called “sleep” then you should try out these very simple tricks for effective study.

  1. Sleep:

Sleep? But that is simply the opposite of what I wish to do. Yes, sleep that sleep. As I earlier said, sleeping while ready or planning to study is quite deceptive, if you sleep, you wouldn’t last 30 minutes on the bed sleeping. Once you are up, open your book or study material and study. Try this method and you be surprised how assimilating would even take a new speed or would be amazingly easier. Sometimes, one needs not to fight nature so in summary of the point, just sleep but immediately you are awake begin to study.

  1. Rinse your Eyes with Water:

You probably might be still yawning after the first step. It is still very advisable to rinse those eyes with a little water. This helps to chase the sleep of your eyes faster.

  1. Take a Stroll:

This is another trick in fighting off the sleep. Take a little stroll until the sleep gradually vanishes. But you should be quite careful about this very method. This is because if you stroll too far, you might just overwork the body and when you are ready to put in the necessary work to study, sleep may storm you like the tempest sea.

Tips to Avoid Sleeping While Studying (for only those that study at night)

These very simple tips would help you to fight sleep at night when you are ready to study.

  1. Plan not to Sleep:

Sleeping at night is far different from when you sleep during the day time. If you intend to sleep for just five minutes, you just might sleep all through the night. You can’t cheat nature, but you can negotiate.  So the best way to avoid sleeping in the night when ready to study is to sleep during the day.

  1. Take some Coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine which contributes greatly to making the brain very active and also helps in reducing sleep. This is an effective way of fighting off sleep during the night hours. Although excess intake of caffeine may not be too healthy. Therefore, moderation is advised.

  1. Rinse your Eyes with Little Water:

This method is not that effective at night but can still do little wonders especially when you are not stressed out. If you are completely stressed out, this may not work out.


Falling asleep while planning to study does not mean that you are one lazy bone or you are completely an abnormal student. Dozing off while ready to study happens to almost everyone.

However, knowing what study hour will be best for you matters a lot if you wish to fight off sleep while planning or already studying.




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