How to Become a Jeweler

How to Become a Jeweler

Becoming a Jeweler is a very good choice that you can choose. Jewelry is a profession that allows and make people travel across the world. You would be involved in meeting people and striking robust merchandise deals, lucrative sales and make mouthwatering cash.

As a Jeweler, you have to be skilled in craftsmanship with excellent capacity to design and produce wearable art pieces or craft. This you would do by using materials like stones, metal, mud and so on.

What Does a Jeweler Require?

For you to be successful as a Jeweler, you must possess certain characteristics. This will enhance your prospects in your chosen career.

Some of these characteristics include;

  • You must have excellent design ability
  • One must be passionate about crafting
  • You must enjoy artistic and creative work
  • Good vision
  • Maintain a good connection and coordination with your hands and eyes.
  • Capability to work carefully and accurately
  • Being patient and persevering

How to Become a Jeweler

Jeweler diamond
  1. Passion:

In every life endeavor, someone must have a passion for whatever someone ventures into. This is a necessity in becoming successful in such a field.

As a Jeweler, you must have a passion for your craftwork, expensive metals, and precious gems.

This interest would enable break all odds.

  1. Education:

As a formal education in Jewelry making is imperative. Formal education would certainly enhance your credibility in Jewelry business and make you a professional. To become a professional or certified Jeweler, you must enroll in Universities and Trade schools which typically require some requisites for admission.

A high school diploma is often demanded by Employers. The courses that you can take to become a certified Jeweler includes;

  • Diamonds
  • Color stones
  • Pearls
  • Metalwork
  • Gemology
  • Color theory
  • Jewel Industry standards


  1. Learning the business of Jewelry

Good knowledge of the market and business organizational skills is invaluable for students. This is mostly necessary for those that want to go into retailing after studies.

Good analysis of the market structure and proper branding of your product is important as well. You must also establish a good advertising platform and be ever ready to learn or welcome new business ideas.

  1. Apprenticeship and Training:

As informal education in Jewelry is also a good one. Through training, you can gain firsthand skill and experience in creating crafts or art pieces following the market demands of customers.

Working as an intern would give an added advantage when seeking long term employment in any firm.

You can also partake in organized design and craft making competitions. This will enable you better your skills and abilities.

  1. Joining as Association:

There are lots of organization that enables have updated information and support. Being a registered Jeweler enables customers to have confidence in you and makes your dealings more credible.

For instance, the Jewelers of America is a counsel that protects the interest of Jewelers and maintain a good professional practice.

Joining such an organization can also enable you to meet people and learn new things about the profession.

  1. Subscription to Magazines:

In America, Jewelers’ circular keystone is the industry authority that provides information on market forecasts, news updates, and issues confronting the industries.

It is, however, pertinent to subscribe to this industry’s magazines so that you can get updated. This is especially in an environment where geography and politics affect the business adversely.


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