How to Become a Technical Writer

How to Become a Technical Writer

A Technical writer is simply one who simplify technical information.

Technical writing covers communication on specialized topics in medical guidelines, environmental procedures, and also bothers on the use of technology like web pages and social media in passing information.

With the high level of technical know-how, the rate of technical writing is increasing and common daily.

To become a Technical writer, you have to consider the following.

  • Passion
  • Education and Experience
  • Skills
  • Certification
  • Building reputation

Okay, let us discuss a little on the above points in becoming a Technical writer

  1. Passion:

There should be a commitment to whatever career you choose to pursue.

Your interest in technical writing will enhance your performance and give you an edge above your equals.

  1. Education and Experience:

Having a degree in journalism, English, and mass communication helps technical writers in improving their skills and getting clients.

You can also pursue a degree in professional fields like engineering, computer science, or medicine.

With the increase in technology, having a background in computer science can also be considered as an added advantage.

There seems to be no particular way of becoming a Technical writer.

You can begin by moving around in the high tech industry to acquire knowledge.

  1. Skills

As a Technical Writer, you must possess certain skills before you can be certified and eventually attract clients to yourself.

They include;

  • Good writing skill is necessary. You must be able to analyze, simplify complex topics or subject matters into understandable forms.
  • Technical writers must also be able to state clearly their opinions in an understandable manner. In other words, they must be able to communicate ideas to their clients.
  • You must also have the skill of interviewing and listening. Good ability to ask questions unambiguously. Technical writers should be able to gather and document a detailed report emanating from interviews.
  • You must have a team working spirit
  • You must develop the ability to practically test products according to how it has been described in documents.
  • Also, basic skill in graphics design is helpful.
  • Industrial understanding of tools used to produce documentation like Madcap flare, click Help and so on, is quite required
  • Technical skills are also imperative. This overtly depends on the topic or subject under consideration.


  1. Certification:

Having certificates in technical writing will enhance your professionalism and competence.

Clients will be attracted to you.

The American Medical Writer Association confers certificates on whosoever that wish to specialize in the area of writing in the Medical field.

Also, the society for Technical communication offers a certificate for Technical writers

  1. Building Reputation:

This is the last stage of becoming a Technical writer. This means you must have already become a Technical writer before reaching this stage.

Therefore, this stage is telling you, to keep getting better at what you do. Never settle for less, rather, just keep going.

To become reputable in technical writing, you have to diversify. This entails having experience in many related fields of writing and documentation.

Job Prospect

No doubt, there have been steady advancements in Technology influencing the creation, storage, and delivery of information.

This has greatly led to advancement from manual writing to technological methods of documentation and communication.

As a result of this advancement, job opportunities for Technical writers are on the increase.

Depending on the field of specialization, Technical writers can work in Pharmaceutical industries, insurance companies, medical firms, Federal Parastatals, and private research organizations.

The growth potential of Technical writers is expected to grow by 8% from 2018 to 2028.


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