How to memorize a speech fast in Just Twelve Hours

How to memorize a speech fast and easy in Just Twelve Hours

Is it possible to memorize a speech so fast in just twelve hours? Of course, yes. Although, memorizing a speech fast in just twelve hours is possible, however, it requires a consistent effort. Your brain would have to function unbrokenly until the hours are over. Don’t let me scare you. Memorizing a speech no matter how long it could be quite interesting. Yes, I said interestingly that is, if you can diligently follow the principles which would be presented to you in this article.

What is Speech?

A speech is a session of speaking especially a long oral message given publicly by one person. You know what I mean when the President mounts a podium or stage and began speaking his mind to the public in an organized pattern.

Speech is not only meant to be given by the President of a nation rather it can be given by anyone. It can be given by me and even you, as you would do soon. I hope I am right.

Giving a speech is not a big deal. It just about speaking your mind to the crowd. The big deal there is when you began shivering or stammering or panicking. That’s would be bad.

That may occur when your speech is not well planned or when your planned speech is not well memorized. So there is every need to memorize your speech before giving your speech.

I can say that time is on your time or not but my interest right now is to show you how to memorize your speech fast under just one hour.

How to Memorize a Speech Fast Under Just one Hour

  1. Plan your speech
  2. Pen down your speech
  3. Avoid cramming the exact words of the Speech
  4. Arrange the Speech in order of key points
  5. Understand Every Key Point of your Speech
  6. Use the Key points to Present your Speech
  7. Associate each key points with an imaginary object or make use of Acronyms
  8. Rehearse your speech repetitively
  9. Rehearse your speech in front of friends


  1. Plan your Speech:

You can’t memorize what you don’t have. You would be memorizing nothing. The very first step is for you to plan your speech. What would you be saying to the audience you would be addressing? That is the speech you would need to plan. After you must have planned your speech, you can now move over to the next step.

  1. Pen your Speech down:

You would need to pen down your speech. If you are to memorize the speech, then it should be in a written form. Having your speech on paper would help you stay organized.

  1. Avoid Cramming the exact words of the speech:

You do not need to cram speech words for words. This may be too risky. There is every chance that you may miss out on words or muddle the words up. This is because it is crammed. You may be able to speak the crammed words confidently when alone but when you face a crowd, it may be a completely different story. The feeling of phobia or fear can make you forget what you cram.

In other words, do not cram the words of your speech words for words.

  1. Arrange the Speech in order of Key Point:

There is high significance in arranging the key point of your speech. This helps you to guide your words while you present your speech.

  1. Understand Every Key Point of your Speech:

Every key point of your speech should be properly noted out and understand. I would advise you to cancel any point you do not understand.

  1. Use the Key Point to Present your Speech:

Your speech should be presented following the key points of your speech. It should be followed accordingly. Try as much as possible usually through consistent practice not to muddle the key points up. They should be presented according to the order you have given them. The pattern must be followed consistently.

You should be able to say a few sentences relating to every key point.

  1. Associate each key points with an imaginary object or make use of Acronyms:

To remember your speech and present it in an orderly and intelligent fashion, there are simple tricks you can do. A common trick is associating an imaginary object to each key point. For instance, the first point, you can associate a computer. The second point, perhaps a fridge. While doing this, I would advise you to use objects that are much related to the point. You need to associate an object that you can rely on to help you remember that point.

Another trick is the use of acronyms. You can summarize the key points into an acronym. For instance, the colors of a rainbow can be summarized in the form of an acronym “ROYGBIV” which stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

  1. Rehearse your Speech Repetitively:

All of the above steps would prove ineffectual without constant practice. To perfectly memorize your speech, you need to rehearse it. You do not need to rehearse it once rather it needs to rehearse repetitively. You need to rehearse it until you feel you can perfectly say your speech.

  1. Rehearse your speech in front of Friends:

Rehearsing your speech alone can be quite different from when you rehearse your speech in front of friends. The difference is a simple phobia. Phobia or fear can cause you to forget your speech at the moment. You need to practice your speech in front of real persons to help you overcome the phobia that comes with being in the front of a crowd.


Follow these simple tips on memorizing a speech fast and easier under just twelve hours and I can trust that you would deliver a very exquisite speech.


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