How to memorize things faster

How to memorize things faster

You might be wondering about how to memorize things faster than you already can. Memorizing things faster and easier is a burden we all should be shouldering. It is one of the task the world requires from us. This is so because learning is a critical factor in living and so is knowledge. I do not necessarily highlight the relevancy of a schooling system in our modern-day world. Rather, my focus goes wider beyond that.

We would be required to memorize things faster at work such things could be the techniques, operations, rules and regulations and so many more that emanate from a professional organization. Even in the unprofessional work setting, you would still be required to memorize things faster. In the school sphere for those in college, university, high school and so on are required to memorize things faster.

How can one memorize things faster when sometimes it seems that the brain does not just have enough brainpower to put so many things in one head? Memorizing things faster and easier would no longer be a problem, as I would reveal to you these top tips on “how to memorize things faster.

What does it mean to Memorize?

In simple terms, memorization means to commit to memory or learn by heart. It is an ability to learn something so well that it is now very easy to remember that thing.

In other words, the best way to ascertain your degree of memorization is the ability to remember things faster or easier. Memorizing can be a planned or otherwise, a conscious process. You can use it to memorize or learn anything to heart. This is done so that you could remember them.

Top Tips on How to Memorize Things Faster

  1. Planning
  2. Organization
  3. Try to Concentrate
  4. Pen down what you need to memorize
  5. Repetition
  6. Avoid Engaging in Multiple tasks
  7. Tell People About it.


  1. Planning:

To memorize things faster and easier, it all begins with planning and organization. You should be able to have a clear understanding of all you need to memorize. Without having any clue or knowledge of what you need to memorize, then there is simply nothing to memorize.

If you find yourself working with a private organization, perhaps there is a need to memorize the anthem and pledge of the private organization if they have one. You may even be running a local business, there would need to memorize the prices of your products especially when there are variegated.

Whatever, you need to memorize must be perfectly reflected in your mind.

  1. Organization:

If you pass through the first tip, you would find out that there are so many things that you may need to memorize. It would be nice of you to arrange or organize them in order of priority. The most important is given the priority and the least important is given the last priority.

Organizing yourself would help to memorize to be faster and easier.

  1. Try to Concentrate:

While planning and organizing your thoughts with the quest of memorizing, try as much as you can to concentrate. Remember the target. This article is not just meant to teach you how to memorize things but interested in helping you to memorize things faster.

To memorize things faster, you must engage strongly mentally. There is, therefore, a need to avoid distractions. You would, therefore, need to plan and organize your thoughts quietly. If there are any forms of distraction where you are, try walking away from there. If it is beyond your power to walk away then intensify your focus.

  1. Pen down what you need to memorize:

After you must have known what you need to memorize and it has been organized in the realm of your mind, there is a need to pen it down. The reason for penning this down is that you may just forget what you have planned to memorize.

With a written record of what you need to memorize, you can always know what to refer to, when you just can’t remember things.

  1. Recite:

The next step is to begin to recite what you have written down on paper. You need to recite or repeatedly say it until it eventually sinks into your memory.

You need not doubt this step. Whatever you constantly recite would become eventually get stuck to your memory. Recitation is a powerful means of memorization.

  1. Avoid Engaging in Multiple Tasks:

Trying to serve customers, teach your child his homework and at the same time trying to memorize the laws of Physics is the best way to put yourself in confusion.

You won’t memorize things faster when you are distracted by other things. Your focus must be sharp. You should try as much as possible to engage mentally in what you are reciting.

If perhaps there are so many tasks to be done, then organize by establishing a priority list. Follow the priority list diligently without muddling things up. If you can do this, I bet you that memorizing anything faster and easily would be no big deal.

  1. Tell People About It:

There is a peculiar teacher who taught me in grade class. It would be quite impossible to forget about him. This is because his abilities were quite exceptional. He normally writes a very lengthy note on the board during his teaching. This he does off hand. I was surprised at this ability until I realized that he had been teaching for years. Whatever he had been teaching is now stuck to his memory in such a way that he didn’t need any note or whatsoever to teach it.

This simply shows that practice makes perfect and the more you do a thing, it eventually becomes part of you.

So if you want to remember what you learn for as long as possible, preach about it. Mention it in discussions or conversations with friends or family. The more you do that, the more it sticks to your memory. But remember not to make others uncomfortable with this.





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