How to stop procrastinating your homework

How to stop procrastinating your homework

You just can’t stop procrastinating your homework. It seems very hard and you can’t stop procrastinating it.

There are even days you are faced with multiple tasks. They seem all too many to do at once. Yet, you still want to procrastinate them all.

The habit of procrastination can seem like a very difficult one to overcome. You may even have tried overcoming it severally but it isn’t just working fine.

The problem of procrastinating is not just a problem you face alone. Truth is many struggles with the same challenge.

There are so many students out there that makes it seem like war before they can do their homework. Some would even procrastinate their homework to the extreme point of not doing it at all.

In as much as it is very easy to procrastinate your homework, it also comes with consequences.

Consequences of Procrastinating your Homework

Some of the Consequences of Procrastinating your Homework are presented below;

  • . By procrastinating your homework, you would be magnifying the stress you are running away from. This would make your accumulated homework burdensome.
  • You may end up not doing your homework as a result of procrastinating
  • Procrastination can make you haste your homework after you realized that you have little or no time to complete the task. This can lead to many errors or mediocrity.

There are so many other consequences of procrastinating your homework.

Why can’t you stop Procrastinating your Homework?

To be able to deal with the problem of procrastinating, you must realize the cause of procrastinating. So, why do you procrastinate?

You can use this moment and think deeply; why do you procrastinate?

If you deeply ponder over why you delay your homework, you would find out there are so many reasons why you procrastinate.

Why there are so many reasons for the act, none may be worth it.

You will find out that a majority of the reasons why you delayed in doing your homework are not substantial enough.

You must know this. Since you going to be the one fighting the problem of procrastinating yourself, take a look at some of the causes of procrastinating your homework;

  1. Laziness
  2. Tiredness
  3. Distractions
  4. Fear
  5. No Sense of Relevance
  6. Lack of Proper planning

I would be explaining this point one after the order. The reason for this is so that your mind can be enlightened.

Procrastination is a disease of the mind. To conquer it, you have to work on your mind. It isn’t a physical battle. If not, I would have been suggesting weapons to help you overcome this battle.

You would have to read diligently below to overcome the problem of procrastinating your homework.

  1. Laziness:

This is the major reason why most students procrastinate their homework. They want to do it right on time but they can’t.

Laziness makes it feel that they got all day in the world to complete their task.

  1. Tiredness:

This is another reason why students procrastinate their homework. You just got back from school after participating in a myriad of activities.

It looks like you just can’t think of anything, not even your homework now. You want to rest from all the daily struggles. You are so tired.

By the reason of this, you tend to procrastinate your homework.

  1. Distraction:

There are different forms of distractions many enough to keep you away from doing your homework. Whenever you want to do your homework, you see yourself doing other things. Things that can be done later.

You see yourself struggling with the junior sister over things of less concern. Sometimes, you just want to go on a food hunt even when you are not hungry. You see yourself pressing your phone and many more distractions.

Your friends could even be a form of distraction. That is when they want to gist or play with you.

Distraction is a problem that can make you procrastinate your homework always.

  1. Fear:

You are hit with three or four home works. Some are quite complicated. It looks like you should just quit school. You want to get the homework done already. However, it looks like the home works are bigger than you and stronger than your human strength. The only word that keeps sounding in your mind is “run”.

You are faced with fear.

  1. Low sense of Relevance:

This is a very big problem. It is a problem I have realized in so many students. It is somewhat very difficult to deal with.

No sense of relevance entails a lackadaisical attitude towards your study. It is when you are not even interested or sees no value in doing your homework.

This can lead to negligence in doing the homework no matter how simple it may be.

  1. Lack of Proper Planning:

You want to do your homework. You have the zeal or the passion to do so. In one way or the other, you muddle it all up.

You planned but you planned wrongly. You got a list of work to do. Some of the very low relevancy when compared to your homework but you chose to do them first. By doing so, you keep procrastinating your homework until you have used up all your strength in laboring for things that should be of less concern.

How to stop procrastinating your Homework?

The following ways would help you stop procrastinating your homework;

  1. Realize that procrastination is bad
  2. Determine not to Procrastinate your home works
  3. Develop a sense of relevancy
  4. Proper planning
  5. Begin your Homework from the most complicated to simple
  6. Pen down all your distractions
  7. Eliminate all distractions
  8. Make friends with those who are academically serious
  9. Compensate your effort for doing your homework at the right time


  1. Realize Procrastination is bad:

The first step to deal with procrastination concerning doing your homework is the realization of how bad procrastination is.

Procrastinating your homework won’t help you. It is a bad habit. If you know this, you would be able to fight the habit.

You would need to find the habit very repulsive.

  1. Determine not to Procrastinate your home works:

The next step is to consider if you want to stop procrastinating your homework. Procrastination is a disease of the mind. I can’t administer some kind of drugs to help you deal with the habit.

You would need to make up your mind if you are going to overcome the habit. Whenever you feel lazy and can’t just pick up your pen to do your homework, just do it anyways.

What’s the big deal there? Just go and get it over with. You won’t die trying to. Make up your mind and you find the habit taking its leave.

  1. Develop a Sense of Relevancy:

Sometimes all you need to do your homework is motivation. If you are motivated to some extent, you would derive much joy in doing your homework.

You need to ask yourself “why”. Why are you doing your homework? What are all the benefits that come with doing your homework?

If you can discover all the benefits, then you would develop a sense of relevancy.

This implies the reason why you should be doing your homework. Walk with this motivation and procrastinating your homework would be a difficult habit to exhibit.

  1. Proper Planning:

Most times, proper planning is so crucial to whatever you are doing. This is so even in the situation of doing your homework.

Proper planning is necessary to combat the distractions, tiredness among others, as the causes of procrastination.

No matter how tired you are, it is very possible to do your homework without procrastinating. This is possible through proper and diligent planning.

You came back from school feeling so tired. You have so much home works to do. With the aid of proper planning, you can overcome procrastination. You can simply rest for 15 minutes. After that 15 minutes, you immediately pick your books and begin your home works.

This will be possible with determination and a high sense of relevancy.

  1. Begin your Homework from the most complicated to simple:

This is a simple trick that you can use. If you want to do home works, begin to do the most complicated ones first.

  1. Pen down your Distractions:

Realizing all your distractions can help you handle the problem of procrastination. What is that thing that always takes your time when you want to do your homework?

It can be your phone, Television or even friends.

Pen all of it down.

  1. Eliminate all forms of Distractions:

After you must have pen all forms of distraction down, you have to eliminate them. I am not saying that you should break your phone if your phone keeps distracting you.

You would need to keep away from whatever distraction until you are done with your homework.

For instance, if you are easily distracted by your phone, you would have to stay away from your phone.

You can do this by; turning off your notifications, reducing your phone volume, keeping your phone far from your reach until your homework is done.

If your friends are forms of distraction, avoid them until you have your homework done. Tell them that you must do your homework, thereafter, you would play with them.

Try as much as possible to eliminate distractions.

  1. Make Friends with those who are Academically serious:

Your friends to a very great extent determine who you are. If you have friends who enjoy procrastinating their home works, chances that you would do the same would be very high.

Make friends that would encourage you to do your homework on time.

  1. Reward yourself for doing your homework at the right time:

You can reward yourself for not procrastinating your homework. For instance, if I do my homework now, I would reward myself by taking a long nap.

You can also reward yourself by watching your favorite movie or even playing outside with your friends.

This will help you to keep the focus thereby eliminating procrastination.


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