How to understand math: Becoming Brilliant in Math

How to understand math: Becoming Brilliant in Math

This post covers the most intelligent tips to help you understand Math. Becoming brilliant in Math can be a tough task.

I would love you to read this post carefully, as it contains tips that have been tested and proven to be effective.

During my grade classes, I was one of the best students in Math. All the girls love me for that but they won’t just date me.

I was able to understand Math with just a very simple trick I would divulge to you in this post.

I want you to know that Math can be very tricky. Therefore, understanding Math can be that hard. Becoming brilliant in Math can be even harder. But truth is, Math can be simple if you stick to certain principles.

How to Understand Math Most Brilliantly: 10 Very Important Math Tips

  • Understand the Math’s Basics
  • You need a Math’s Teacher
  • Always Ask Your Math Teacher Questions
  • Self-Study
  • Get a Math’s Textbook
  • Math is a Game of Principles
  • Practice Math Regularly
  • Go from Simple to Extremely Difficult Math’s Operations
  • Practice Math with Friends
  • Practice Several Topics in Math

Understand the Math’ Basics:

You won’t be able to fully grasp the concept of Mathematics without understanding the basics. Truth is, you would struggle in becoming brilliant in Math without a proper understanding of the basics.

The basics of Math are not so hard. Some basic concept of Math includes; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Every operation in Math depends on these four basic operations.

If you do not know them then you can’t understand Math. This is because the foundation of Math is built on these operations.

If you do not know them, the best thing is to do is this. Look for someone who knows. It could be anyone. A friend, brother, sister, father, mother or anyone. Learning is not so tough since they are just the basics and the simplest operations in Math.

You need a Math’s Teacher:

I love to be realistic. If you want to be brilliant in Math, you need a teacher to put you through. Having a brilliant teacher in Math would help you to be as much as brilliant also

If you are a student then you are very lucky. This is because all schools offer Math as a core subject.

Always Ask Your Math Teacher Questions:

On areas that seem obscure to you, ask questions. Do not wait to hope you would understand with the help of some magic wand. You need to ask a question to gain a clear understanding of math’s’ operation.


Having a Math Teacher is not enough to understand Math. When I was in grade class, my math teacher has the flair in teaching Math in such a way I would understand it at the moment. But when I was given I exercise to engage in, I would fail badly.

This is well self-study comes into play. This is also the area where so many students miss it. They feel that they can understand Math by just merely listening to their Math teacher.

Math is better understood through self-study or practice.

Get a Math’s Textbook:

You need a Math’s Textbook. This contains various Maths Topics, examples and operations that you can practice with. You need to get yourself one to help you practice with

Math is a Game of Principles:

There is no better way of understanding Math. You would need to follow the principle diligently.

Every Mathematical operation has a certain principle. Understanding the principle means understanding Math.

All you need to do is to look carefully, follow the principle and understand it. Check out the various Mathematical operations presented in your Maths Textbook and practice them.

Practice Math Regularly:

If you want to be brilliant in Math then practice regularly. The more you practice, the, more you know.

Go from Simple to Extremely Difficult Math’s Operations:

Math is better understood when you try to understand simple operations first. Thereafter, hard or difficult operations. The more you try deciphering harder operations, the more you become very skillful in Math.

It is important to note this; if you have no clue on how to solve a difficult math’ operation, you need to do just two things;

  • Revise the Initial Principle or the first operation associated with the Math question at hand. Then with the principle in your heart, try much harder to solve the Math problem,
  • Sometimes, this may not work out. If you still can’t solve the Math problem at hand, consult someone knowledgeable in Math. You can consult your teacher, a friend or anyone that is good at Math to teach you and not just to solve the problem.


Practice Math with Friends:

Math can be boring but can be very interesting at the same time. Practicing Math with friends can make Math interesting. Engaging in a friendly Math competition is one of the ways of making Math engaging.

Practice Several Topics in Math:

You understand the basics, you have your math’s textbook? What next? Keep practicing. You would need to practice several topics in your Maths textbook. This is the last step on the list that would help you to become brilliant in Math.

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