Intelligence Analysts Salary | Job Description

Before you learn about an Intelligence Analysts Salary, you need to know who is an Intelligent Analyst.

Job Description of  an Intelligent Analyst

Intelligent analysts are governmental employed experts who gather information, analyze them timely, and use them to assess possible threats firm internal or external enemies and prefer possible prevention policies.

Educational Requirements

Presently, there are no specific degree courses in Intelligence Analysis. But, related fields like foreign affairs and communication can prepare you for the task of intelligence analysis.

Also, degrees in courses like economics computer science, political science are good if you want a solid foundation as an intelligence analyst.

It is advisable to pursue a master’s degree in the under-listed courses if you want to advance in this career. They include;

  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • International relations
  • International affairs
  • Terrorisms studies
  • National security
  • Intelligence


As an intelligence analyst, you must be efficient in;

  • Analysis and assess data within and outside your country
  • Be able to recognize relevant information and produce a reasonable assessment
  • Must have good skills in communication
  • Must have a good sense of reporting and documentation of relevant information.

Expertise in the following field can be helpful as a part of the skill needed as Intelligence analyst;

  • Cybersecurity
  • History
  • Biotechnology
  • English
  • Engineering
  • Forensic accounting
  • Physics
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Conflict resolution studies

Types of Intelligence Analyst

  • Intelligence Collection analyst
  • Analytic methodologists
  • Counter-terrorism analysts
  • Economic analysts
  • Crime and counternarcotic analysts
  • Counterintelligence threat analysts
  • Foreign media analysts
  • Political analysts
  • Targeting analyst
  • Science and technology analyst
  • Psychological analyst
  • Medical/ Health analyst
  • Leadership analysts

Duties/ Responsibilities of an Intelligent Analyst

  • Major decision making: Personnel is supplied or updated with information by Intelligence analysts. This information guides them in taking important and sensitive decisions about the present and future.
  • They assess threats from locations and specific groups at home and around the World.
  • Gather and create comprehensive reports by their employers
  • They interpret data from foreign countries and familiarize with external locations

Intelligence Analyst Salary

This article will focus on salaries of Intelligence Analysts based on;

  1. The industry/ Agency where they work and
  2. On their Experience

Salary of Intelligence Analysts Based on Agencies


Salary $

Booz Allen 75, 462
International Inc. 77, 679
U.S. Army 45, 456
U.S. Air force 60, 400
U.S. Marine Corps 32, 136


Intelligence Analysts Salary Based on Experience

Level of Intelligence Analysts

Years of Experience

Average Salaries ($)

No. of Average Salaries

Entry Level <1 55, 407 156
Early Career 1-4 60, 961 1070
Mid-Career 5-9 72, 591 905
Experienced 10-19 85, 971 644
Senior Level > 20 88, 420


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