Is a Marketing Degree worth it? | is it a good or bad career?

Is a Marketing Degree worth it?

Sometimes, we ask ourselves if a marketing degree worth it? is it a good or bad career path to follow?

We are in a persistent expanding economy. Will Marketing continues to hold its value even as change is an inevitable factor in this world of ours?

Let’s dive in deep, shall we?

is a Marketing degree worth it ?

In essence, no business firms can thrive without having a strong relationship with the consumers of her products or services. Every producer of goods and services wants a perfect situation where their product will be on high demand and with the proper and effective purchasing process, advertisement, and creating awareness about the products or services, here, the need for MARKETERS comes into play.

Marketing as a discipline is universal in business launching procedures, though several fields have close relation with it, a total focus on marketing degree would give you a higher opportunity of finding an entry-level job and advance in your career faster.

Consider yourself best fit for a degree in marketing, if you have the skills listed below;

  • Creativity
  • Analytical skill
  • Good communication and relationship ability
  • Resilience and not afraid of negative feedback or results
  • Details-oriented

The decision to pursue a marketing degree may not be an easy one, but this article will guide you on factors and considerations you have to look into.

This includes;

  • Career prospects
  • Salary
  • Industrial growth rate
  • Opportunities
  • Extend major career paths

Career Prospects

Professionally trained marketers have a higher chance to land good jobs. It is studied that they are expected to have a growth rate in some marketing related fields like;

  • Public Relations Specialist (9%)
  • Advertising, promotions and marketing managers (10%)
  • Sales manager (7%)
  • Market Research Analyst (23%)
  • Public Relations and Fund Raising Manager (10%)

Marketers Salary

Having a degree in marketing can open fortunes for you in several career paths. These careers have different salary earnings but on average it can be concluded that career paths related to marketing have a good pay.

Careers Salary $
Advertising, Promotions and Marketing manager 129,380
Market Research Analyst 62,230
Public Relations and Fund Raising Manager 111,280
Public Relations Specialist 59,300
Sales Manager 121,060
Advertising Sales Agent 49,680


Extended Major Career Paths in Marketing

With the advancement in technology, you can take up many job title as against the fixed position of being a sales agent and advertising agents.

With a Marketing degree, you can fit into a fundraiser, sales manager, digital marketing specialist, brand manager, copywriter, account executive, media planner, production manager, promotion coordinator, digital media director, promotion manager, and so on.

Survey of Marketer’s Job Satisfaction

From intensive study and research, it is reported that those that work as marketers and in the closely related field have good comments and reports of their duties.

Essentially, there is a reasonable level of opportunity to advance in their career and salaries. There are equal chances and prospects of having an optional working schedule making the job a flexible type.

It is also recorded that there is a low level of stress.

More Opportunity to Major in other Discipline after Getting a Marketing Degree

If you are the type that likes to further your education in other disciplines, a marketing degree will give you such a golden opportunity. As has been previously mentioned, a whole lot of fields are related to the Marketing degree. You can decide to study any of the courses listed below in furtherance to your educational advancement.

  • Graphic design
  • Communications
  • Accounting/ Finance
  • Consumer psychology
  • International business
  • Social media analytics and
  • Advertising

Brief Benefits of Studying Marketing

Studying Marketing will grant you the advantages of;

  1. Having high hope and getting a job. Marketers are always in demand. No country in the world can exist without economic activities and businesses, and consequently improving the demand for marketers.
  2. It enables you to get a broader knowledge of the business world. You will understand the concept of business like an advertisement, insurance, transportation, banking, communication, and so on.
  3. You have good knowledge and the psychology of consumers. This will wholesomely update your knowledge on consumer behavior and what the consumer thinks before making a purchase
  4. It provides an opportunity for you to diversify your career. You can land a job in many other related fields.

Is a Marketing Degree Worth it?

Yes, a Marketing degree worth it. It is a definitely good career.


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