Librarian Salary: How much do Librarian Make

Librarian Salary: How much do Librarian Make

Just how much do Librarians make? Does a Librarian earn a huge and enviable salary that can make the mouth water?

If you are among those in curiosity, you are in luck. This is because your search for Librarian Salary is over.

Before I begin blabbing over just how much salary Librarians earn, it would be of relevance to reveal to us what Librarians do.

Duties of a Librarian:

Some people usually think Librarians are a set of old people who despise noise in the library. They walk slowly and love to hush people down.

Well, they are right a little. Librarians do not love noise. It is, however, a misconception to think that most librarians are old and boring.

Moreover, the duties of a librarian are far beyond just sitting on a chair and hushing people up.

The core duty of a librarian is to bring information seekers with the right information at the right time and in the right approach.

This duty explains a lot about a librarian. So rather for a Librarian to be a boring fellow, he or she is expected to be smart and polite.

Librarians, therefore, flag up the importance of knowledge wherever they are found. Librarians adhere to the principle of library science.

Library emphasis on the acquisition, organization or processing, storage, preservation and dissemination of information or knowledge.

So wherever a Librarian finds him or herself, he satisfies his or her users with the desired information.

In fulfillment of a Librarian’s objectives, a Librarian can perform the following important duties;

  • Selects and acquire information resources that are of relevance to the library they serve
  • Organize that information so that users or patrons can easily locate them
  • Librarians build up and organize a database for the retrieval of relevant information by users.
  • Assist users in their search for information
  • Librarians assist users in their research
  • Librarians help to simplify users’ search by educating them on the search strategy
  • They can also shoulder up the responsibility of helping users search out relevant information.

Librarian Salary: How much do Librarians Make?

Half the number of Librarians earn above $59, 050 while the other half earn below $59, 050.

This implies that the average salary that a Librarian earns is $59, 050. This is an account given by the Bureau Labor of Statistics as of May 2018.

Greatest reputable Industries where Librarian Earns High Salary:

Best Industries Salary
Universities and Colleges $64, 130
Elementary and secondary schools $60, 780
Information $56, 970
Local Government excluding Education and Hospitals $53, 060


Best States for Librarians

These states pay Librarians an enviable salary when compared to other states;

Top States Annual Mean Wage
District of Columbia $85, 330
California $81, 580
Maryland $72, 470
Washington $71, 780
Alaska $71, 180


Best Metropolitan areas that offer Librarians High or Juicy Salary.

Metropolitan Area Average Annual Wage
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA $89, 640
Bakersfield, CA $87, 350
Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA $86, 570
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA $86,370
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA $86,190
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA $82,750
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV $82,310
Fresno, CA $80,230
Anchorage, AK $80,230
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA $79,760


Best Nonmetropolitan Area for Librarians

Nonmetropolitan area Average Annual Wage
Northwest Colorado nonmetropolitan area $77,250
Hawaii / Kauai nonmetropolitan area $67,410
Western Washington nonmetropolitan area $64,180
Northern New Mexico nonmetropolitan area $63,070
Southeast Minnesota nonmetropolitan area $63,010



The duties of a Librarian can be quite interesting and their salary pay isn’t bad at all. Pursuing a career in Library science is a good choice.

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