List of Careers in Energy

List of Careers in Energy

The energy sector of the world’s economy is indubitably constantly experiencing a high degree of aggrandizement or positive changes which makes it an enviable sector to seek out a career from.No doubt, the high level of continuous changes and increase experience in the energy sector has orchestrated the rise of various career opportunities.

There is, therefore, an interesting broad category of careers available in the energy sector. These careers are presented below with a short description of each of them.

Careers in Energy

1. Engineers:

The level of effort channeled by engineers into the facilitation of the efficiency of the energy sector can not the derided. Engineers remain a critical career in the energy sector. The following engineering career can be seen as a career needed in the energy sector;

  • Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum when refined yield into a different product of which many are a source of energy used around the world. Petroleum engineers devise new modalities to ensure greater efficiency in the extraction of petroleum natural resources.
  • Petrochemical engineers: They ensure that petroleum extracted is refined into usable products of which many are used as a source of energy
  • Electrical electronic engineers: The field of electrical electronic engineering is making an important shift in the energy sector. With the production of valuable devices such as batteries down to solar, electrical electronics engineers cannot be scorn out of the energy sector.
  • Mechanical Engineers: Mechanical engineering from time past has contributed immensely to the energy sector. The production of generators for variegated uses is existing evidence of their effort towards the energy world.
  • Nuclear Engineers: Nuclear engineers are simply the wizard behind the production of nuclear energy used in most countries.
  • Architects: Architects are interested in the preparation of plans and superintend the construction of buildings including factories.
  • Civil Engineers: Civil engineers use engineering knowledge to the design and construction of corporate buildings

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2. Production Energy Career:

The usefulness of production energy workers in the energy sector cannot be undermined. Production energy workers posses a high level of technical skills and are therefore found at the work field or the power plants. These careers include;

  • Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers: They are mostly interested in building and maintenance of gas pipelines.
  • Power Plant Operators: They ensure the regulations of power machinery.
  • Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers: Responsible for directly supervising workers within any energy firm to ensure the efficiency of human resources.
  • Chemical Equipment Operators: Responsible for the control of chemical equipment to ensure the regulations of chemical reactions or chemical changes
  • Power Plant Operators: These are responsible for the control of machinery to ensure the distribution of electrical energy.

3. Geologist:

Geologist studies the structure of the earth mostly by examining the earth’s rock. A geologist is very effective in the oil energy sector since the discovery of oil or petroleum largely depends on them.

4. Economist:

The energy sector would no doubt suffer from the influence of an economist. An economist is a role player in different firms and industries. Energy industries cannot be exempted. The Economist must manage the factors of production. They take into cognizance critical aspects that might affect the strength of any energy firm such as pricing, demands, consumption, location, etc.

5. Accountant and Finance Managers:

Show me a firm without a proper accounting of finance and I would show you a firm which is sure to fall. Accountants and finance managers are critically needed in the energy sector, as much as  they are needed in other various sectors for the proper financial recording and also providing a good financial report

6. Agriculturist:

Surprisingly as it may sound, the agriculturist is an emerging or new rising career in the energy sector. Agriculture is expanding rapidly. It isn’t just about the production of food alone rather its expansion has led to the discoveries bio-energy.  Sugar cane, wheat, coconut,  soya bean, and oil palm agriculturists experience high demand for their products in the production of ethanol and other biofuels such as biodiesel.

The above are the careers in energy, however, do not limit yourself to the above listing. There are many other emerging careers in energy. The post would be updated with time just to keep you current.



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