Memorization tips for studying: Memorization Techniques for students

Memorization tips for studying: Memorization Techniques for students

These memorizing tips for studying presented in this post are not the product of just mere reasoning or imagination. These techniques for memorization has been tested and proven to be very effective. With this memorization tips, you would be able to make impressive grades as a student and also improve your study skills in the most brilliant ways.

What does it mean to Memorize?

Memorization is a very powerful study skill that every good student should be able to exert. In a simple term, memorization means to learn by heart or to commit to memory. It is a state whereby knowledge, information or impression is recorded within the brain in such a way it can be easily recalled at will or when needed.

As a student, you would be tasked with the responsibility of recalling things that you were taught or learned from time to time or as time progresses. This is a quality every visionary teacher aims to build in every student. The quality of memorization simply depicts the act of not forgetting easily what you have learned.

Please Note this about Memorization as a Tool for Studying

Memorization can help you perfectly recall concepts, facts, definition or in general, your study material easily and at will. Memorization can be quite helpful especially to you as a student. However, memorization shouldn’t be your top study strategy. There should be a reasonable known boundary or limit to which employ the techniques of memorization.

Why is this? Memorization is equivalent to cramming. It is not a completely wrong reading skill to cram. I began my study experience with cramming or memorization. It helps me to plan and intelligently present answers to question during a test or an exam.

However, it is quite pertinent to aware that the secret behind an outstanding student is the ability to deeply understand whatever concept or notion that he or she is faced with or introduced to. Understanding cannot be simply neglected for the place of memorization.

Some students are so good at memorizing to a sad point that they no more know what they are memorizing. They can say the words properly but are not able to properly explain what they are saying. So memorization without understanding may take you far but not that far.

What should you do? Should you probably give off memorization and concentrate your attention on only understanding concepts or notions? No! Understanding is really good. But combining memorization with a clear understanding of concepts makes you a brilliant student. It gives you flair in studying to the point of being able to break through any academic or study barrier.

Okay, I think you understand my points clear enough. It is time to reveal to you the best memorization tips you can employ as a student. Memorization tips that guarantee you the quick recalling of even the most complex concepts.

Memorization Tips for Students like you: The Best Way to recall easily what you are studying

  1. Find a Quiet Environment
  2. Skim through the Study Material.
  3. Be ready to put in your Time:
  4. Split Sentences into Manageable Size:
  5. Recite:
  6. Recite Aloud:
  7. Open up your Imagination:
  8. Associate Images to Words:
  9. Make use of Acronyms:
  10. Act what you Memorize:
  11. Evaluate all you have Memorize:
  12. Revise:


  1. Find a Quiet Environment:

This first memorization tip I am revealing to you now is so crucial, as the other point depends on it. Creating a distraction-free environment is of great necessity if you are to memorize faster and better.

The other memorization tips may prove ineffectual if this first point cannot be achieved. Distraction is an enemy of memorization. It is a barrier that impedes swift assimilation. When you find yourself in a quiet environment, you can move over to the next tip.

  1. Skim through the Study Material.

Skimming depicts a quick form of reading in which the reader skips a lot of details. The reason for skimming before memorizing is to help you to gain an overview of the entire study material. You would need to have a glance at what you are about to memorize.

The shallow understanding you gain from just skimming through your study material can be truly helpful to fasten the process of memorization.

  1. Be ready to put in your Time:

I wouldn’t lie to you at this. Memorization can be time-consuming. It requires a lot of time to memorize a lot of concepts and principles and still be able to recall them. Although, it can be done in such a way that you wouldn’t mind the time spent because you are enjoying memorizing.

If you diligently follow the next memorization tips presented below, I can guarantee you that the time you would spend in memorizing would be worth spending.

  1. Split Sentences into Manageable Size:

This is a very important memorization tip or technique that you should gain. Splitting up sentences into manageable pieces could help you to simplify the process of memorization. I would need you to gain a clear understanding of this very tip before moving over to the next.

Take this instance the sentence: “There were chaos all over the town, screams of agony and pains were heard from all over”.  “There was chaos all over” can be treated as a separate entity in your memory. “The town” can be treated as another entity and so on.

Trying to memorize a sentence when without breaking it down can be difficult and you may just give up.

  1. Recite:

Recitation in this context entails a repetition of words until they sink into the memory. Phrases or sentences broken up into separate entities should be recited as long as possible until you feel that you can now recite them independently without looking into your study material.

  1. Recite Aloud:

Sometimes, reciting within the space of your mind may seem ineffectual. This normally occurs when you are distracted. Reciting aloud can help you overcome this impeding barrier to memorizing.

  1. Open up your Imagination:

The best way to memorize is with your imagination open. As you memorize, it is important to create a mental picture or visualized information. This is where understanding comes into play. Whatever you understand, you can view it mentally. It is normally that mental picture that arises the moment you wish to recall what you memorize.

  1. Associate Images to Words:

You can link up the words you memorize with imaginary objects that are related to those words. Each time you wish to recall those words simply call out those objects in your memory and the words will begin to have life and boom, you would be able to recall them.

This would be like magic if you do not take your time in reciting those words but if you do, it is no magic rather it just a trick.

  1. Make use of Acronyms:

You can build up acronyms to help you to recall certain information. For instance the acronym “MR NIGER D” can be used to represent the eight characteristics of living things which are Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Respiration and Death. This was a concept I learned about 10 years ago and I am still able to recall it now through the power of acronym.

It is important to be aware that this strategy mostly works for ordered information or a list of words.

  1. Act what you Memorize:

The use of gestures such as the movement of hands during memorizing will not only make memorization interesting but would also help to speed the memorization process.

  1. Evaluate all you have Memorize:

If you can’t recite off hand all that you have memorized, it simply means that you haven’t memorized anything at all.

  1. Revise:

This is the last but extremely important memorization tip I would share with you. You may spend a lot of time memorizing concepts or notions. But if you do not revise or revisit your study material, you would simply forget all that you have memorized. Revision is very crucial to memorization. It cannot be neglected. I wish I could find a stronger word to explain this tip but just know that without revision, your effort in memorizing is just a waste.


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