Neurologist Salary: How Much do they Make

Neurologist Salary

The way lots of people are fighting so hard to become a neurologist will shock you. Although some are ignorant of how juicy the salary earned by a neurologist.

The way different diseases and viruses affect several people makes the discipline a great one to study. As a result of their eagerness to save a life makes their pay to be a mouthwatering one all over the world.

Now let’s dive into what a neurologist does.

A neurologist is trained personnel who specializes in the treatment of the central nervous and peripheral nervous system. A daily neurologist diagnoses patients suffering from one disease or the other. Neurologist help patients to provide a likely course of a problem they are suffering. One of the major duties of a neurologist is to inform parents or families of an infected patient of the type of treatment and prescription that is to be prescribed to a patient.

What is the different type of neurologists?

There are types of neurologist which includes,

  1. Vascular neurology focuses on the treatment and diagnoses of patients who are suffering from a circulatory disorder in the brain.
  2. Clinical neurophysiology depends on an electronic test to treat patients
  3. A neurologist also specializes in palliate care and patient management pain, therefore, assisting with chronic pain and patient mobility
  4. Neurodevelopmental and neuromuscular neurologists diagnose patients with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and several other diseases.

 Duties of a neurologist

  • Evaluate blood work, patient test, and spinal fluid
  • Develop treatment plans for medications
  • Prescribe drugs and monitor patient intake
  • Set a goal for the patient and how the treatment should be done
  • Create a task, timeline, and patient medical needs
  • Research to serve the patient in a better way
  • Look after patient post-surgery
  • Conduct imaging tests, biopsies, and diagnostic tests
  • Create treatment plans for patients to enable them to actualize their goal


Neurologist salary by state

Here we shall be listing the neurologist salary look by the state annually.



New Hampshire $275,840
North Dakota $266,510
Maine $257,550
Montana $257,550
Minnesota $257,550
Alaska $244,220
Idaho $241,670
Wisconsin $239,610
Washington $239,080
Indiana $237,470
Georgia $235,060
Wyoming $234,610




New Mexico $229,100
Arizona $229,090
Hawaii $228,470
South Dakota $227,710
Nevada $227,500
 Kentucky $223,770
West Virginia $222,270
Connecticut $221,870
Colorado $219,310
Iowa $219,300
Utah $218,210
Delaware $216,600
Ohio $212,160
Rhode Island $197,950
New Jersey $208,820
California $204,190
Massachusetts $207,990
Florida $197,710
Missouri $198,920
Oregon $199,960
Texas $195,630
Virginia $201,770
North Carolina $196,670
Maryland $196,670
Pennsylvania $187,440
Kansas $186,790
South Carolina $170,280
Louisiana $164,470
Illinois $160,050
Alabama $163,790
District of Columbia $167,090
Michigan $173,480
Vermont $151,020
Mississippi $143,010
New York $139,710
Arkansas $127,190
Nebraska $114,250
Oklahoma $114,570
Virgin Islands $106,860
Puerto Rico $109,490






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