Neurophysiologist Salary: How Much do they Make

Neurophysiologist Salary

The average salary of a neurophysiologist is not fixed.

Neurophysiologists’ annual salary depends on the years of experience and location where the firm is set up. The mean annual salary by neurophysiologists is $53,281 in the United States.

The amount of salary earned by the different neurophysiologists ranges from $35,000 to $72,500 in the USA.

While the highest payment of the various department in this profession is $73,000 and as low as $35,000, although your year of experience in the discipline and the company you are working with and location also determine how juicy this salary could be.

Who is a neurophysiologist?

A neurophysiologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of the central nervous system.

This personnel evaluates and prognosis the type of prescription that is to be prescribed to patients. The health care environment which includes neurological centers, hospital and private practice is the working home of a neurophysiologist.

This, therefore, make their works sometimes an indoor, although those who work in hospitals and or on-call sometimes work irregular hours.

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Neurophysiologist Salary by State


State Annual Salary
New York $58,280
Massachusetts $57,859
New Hampshire $56,343
Maryland $53,743
Hawaii $53,618
Alaska $53,281
Nevada $53,281
Montana $53,281
North Dakota $53,281
Wyoming $53,281
Idaho $53,281
Connecticut $53,235
Washington $53,008
Vermont $52,955
Nebraska $52,828
California $52,777
Virginia $52,214
Rhode Island $52,193
Arizona $51,996
New Jersey $51,121
Colorado $50,677
West Virginia $50,581
South Dakota $50,486
Pennsylvania $50,362
South Carolina $50,286
Minnesota $50,237
Delaware $50,187
Tennessee $50,047
Oregon $50,009
Utah $49,884
Ohio $49,665
Kentucky $49,596
Indiana $49,197
Oklahoma $49,122
Louisiana $48,843
Wisconsin $48,784
Kansas $48,753
Maine $48,561
Iowa $48,360
Texas $47,577
Georgia $47,560
New Mexico $47,093
Arkansas $47,004
Alabama $46,684
Illinois $46,568
Michigan $46,466
Mississippi $45,737
Missouri $45,612
Florida $45,081
North Carolina $40,918


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