Parenting Questions to ask yourself about your Child

60 Parenting Questions to ask yourself about your Child

You are going to be faced with lots of parenting questions as long as you are a parent. You would have to ask yourself certain questions about your child. This is done to ensure your child is always on the right path.

Why Parenting Questions?

Being a parent is very easy. However, being a good parent is extremely difficult. To be the best parent for your child is super difficult.

You want to know why this is so. You are going to be making some extremely difficult decisions for your child or children without ruining their lives.

Whatever decision you are going to take would either orchestrate a positive or extremely negative impact on your child. The results of your decision can be immediate. Sometimes, it can be delayed to posterity where there is little or nothing you can do to reverse the decision you have made.

Parenting questions become extremely crucial if you want to be a good mom or dad. You need to ask yourself important questions about your child.

This will help you to evaluate your parenting effort for your child. It will help you to keep the focus. It is necessary to help you revamp in areas that you may be lacking as a parent.

You want to be the best parent for your child right? Then keep reading this post diligently. Try to discover your area of weakness and work on them.

It is not too late for you as a parent. You can make things right. Not just right but even better. Your child can achieve his or her dreams and still fit perfectly into your dreams.

60 Parenting Questions your need to ask yourself about your Child

  1. How many kids do I want to have?
  2. What do I stand to gain from having this number of children?
  3. Are there advantages to having this number of children?
  4. What are the gaping pattern between the children I would love to have?
  5. Are there advantages of this gaping pattern?
  6. What are the disadvantages of this gaping pattern?
  7. Would I be a better parent than my parent was to me?
  8. What are the areas did my parents fail in raising me?
  9. Do have I enough resources to train all of them and give ensure they live a good life concerning finance?
  10. How can I increase my income even as my family keeps expanding?
  11. What spiritual philosophy would I love my children to hold?
  12. Would my work stand in the way of me and my child or children?
  13. I can be a better individual at work and still be the best parent for my child?
  14. Do I want what is good for my child or do I want what is best?
  15. How can my child be better than me?
  16. How are the characters I want my child to portray?
  17. Do I portray such character?
  18. Do I act like I am a dictator to my child?
  19. How can I be loving and still tell my child what is right to do?
  20. How my child do sees me? Loving, kind or hateful?
  21. How do I communicate with my child? Like a failure or a success?
  22. Do I use abusive wordings on my child?
  23. How can I make my child see reasons for taking certain decisions?
  24. Do I end every lecture in love?
  25. Are you interested in my child’s career desire?
  26. Is my child interested in academics?
  27. Are my making significant effort to see that my child thrive in academics?
  28. How can I make him love academics?
  29. What learning pattern works well for my child?
  30. What is my child’s talent
  31. How can I improve on it?
  32. What is my child’s hobby?
  33. Can I help my child learn a thing or two by exploring his or her hobby?
  34. Is my child-free enough to tell me everything going on in his life?
  35. What ways can I discover secret bad habits that my child is exhibiting?
  36.  Can I teach my child to fight such wrong habits?
  37. How can I punish my child when he goes wrong?
  38. What is my Reward Policy
  39. How should they relate to others?
  40. Can I help my child choose better friends?
  41. How would you know if some friends aren’t right for your child?
  42. What is my policy about drugs?
  43. How do I feel about alcohol?
  44. What is my policy about smoking?
  45. Is there any moral philosophy?
  46. Among my children, do I have a favorite?
  47. How I can help my children not to envy one another?
  48. At what age do you wish to introduce sex education to them?
  49. How do you wish to be their best mentor when it comes to educating them about sex?
  50. When should my child go to bed at night?
  51. How long time should they spend on TV?
  52. What should they be watching on the TV?
  53. What shouldn’t they watch on the TV?
  54. How does my child feel about hygiene?
  55.  Can I make my child develop an interest in his hygiene?
  56. How does my child feel about chores?
  57. Can I make my child see the reason for doing chores?
  58. Am I interested in my child’s long term goals?
  59. How can I be sure that my child is pursuing the right goals
  60. How can I help my child achieve his dreams?

What you should know about Good Parenting?

The world is in chaos today because of the number of terrorists and bad persons in it. These bad people were once the children of some parents.

The problem is bad parenting philosophies. Children are the leaders of tomorrow. If you don’t train them well, they may as well become the destruction of posterity.

Parenting questions would help you know exactly what you want of your child.

To every parenting question provided in this article, you are expected to think about it critically. Know the best decision to make concerning your child.

As you make decisions that pertain to your child, act with love and lack of selfishness.

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