Reading Comprehension Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Reading comprehension can be a real daunting or challenging task for so many students. The intricacies within comprehensive passages are enough to scare someone far away. However, there are several tips, tricks and strategies you could follow or use that would simplify reading comprehension difficulties.

What is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension entails a thorough understanding or comprehending a written language in such a way that you now grasp the message of the author.

You already know by now that every author passes down a message to his or her audience. In the quest to provide you with a mental picture of the message and also help you to catch that same feelings or emotions as the author, the author may then uses to use unique wordings or grammatical expressions that may seem a little or too profound.

Without these expressions, there would simply be no life in the message when passed to you. You won’t catch whatever feeling of excitement, fear or whatever mood the author wants you to be in as you progress in reading. Therefore, reading comprehension involves the active participation of the brain in the comprehending of text.

Why Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is so difficult. Sometimes the author uses wordings that make you so mad because you simply just don’t get the entire point the author is trying to make. Why not completely neglect reading comprehension and continue with your smooth life. Seriously, I had once thought the same way but I realized that was just the best decision to ruin my academics.

Reading comprehension is a crucial skill you need to gain because it can be sued as almost any sphere of life. So why treat it as crap and do away with it. You just might be doing yourself really big harm.

Reading comprehension can be useful in the following ways;

  • It helps you to fully grasp the message in any English literature
  • Comprehend the text of any given subject like history, geography, etc.
  • Extract valuable information from any information resources.
  • Build up your Intellect
  • It makes you quick-witted enough in easily comprehending new-papers, magazines or records of real-life events.
  • You would be able to understand and interpret work documents like reports, memos, etc.
  • Reading at your leisure time will no longer be a big deal. You would be able to enjoy different literature on inspiration, romance, fiction, etc. easily. The fun in that is better than eating a piece of cake.

How to Master Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important part of being literate. It is evident that you are educated as you claim. It is one of the skills that differentiate an educated personality from an uneducated person. This is the skill that allows you easily to draw out valuable information from just any reading material while having a thorough understanding of what it entails. Reading comprehension guarantees you that competence you need to adapt to any educational level or height to desire to attain.

In other to master reading comprehension, check out the following very important tips.

  1. Regular Reading:

Regular reading has a powerful impact on improving your reading comprehension. The more you give yourself to reading, the more you find it easy. Being versed in reading comprehension is no magic. You just have to keep reading from time to time.

How can you Achieve Regular Reading

Although this is easier said than done. Reading is not so much of an easy culture to cultivate. So how you intend to achieve this. Check out my advice on this below;

  • Search and read books that interest you. Books are one of the quietest advisers of estimable knowledge. Books are one of the quietest advisers you can solely rely on. There are varied interesting books etc. So many books out there. You would enjoy a lot of them. The more you read, the more you build not only your reading comprehension skills but also improve your writing skills.
  • Get inspired by those who love reading
  1. Open Up Your Imagination as you Read:

Every writer or author wishes you to see what he sees, hear what he hears, and know what he knows. The author wishes that you can share in his or her emotions and the only way this can be achieved is by employing your imagination. As you engage in regular reading, always engage your imagination with what you read. You must have a mental picture of what the author’s message entails. Your imagination is, therefore, a valuable tool for reading comprehension.

  1. Improve Vocabulary:

Most times, the use of vocabulary can be a barrier to fully grasping or understanding the message of the author. The more complex vocabulary the author tends to use, the more complicated the message seems. You can’t ask authors to minimize their use of vocabulary but you can improve your vocabulary.

The best way to improving your vocabulary is by learning new words from time to time. You can achieve this through regular reading. Keep reading the post below, as you unravel more secrets that can help you improve on your vocabulary.

Reading Comprehension Tips, Tricks and Strategies

There are certain tips, tricks, and strategies that you would need to work with if you want to overcome reading comprehension difficulties. These tips, tricks, and strategies are to be employed as you engage in reading comprehension. These tips, tricks or strategies are presented below;

  1. Skim:

Skimming means to read quickly. This means a lot of details would be neglected. Before you fully engage in reading any article ore book etc. It is advisable to first skim through. This would help you develop an eagle eye of what the author had in mind when developing the content.

  1. Engage your Imagination:

As you engage in treading comprehension, always open up your imagination. Have a mental picture of almost every sentence you read. This makes reading engaging and makes the text more intelligible to you.

  1. Predict:

As you read, it is advisable to predict what will happen next. No matter how many times you predict wrongly, keep predicting. This helps to boost your reading comprehension. This is because predicting from time to time helps you to actively engage in reading and therefore helps you to grasp the message of the author.

  1. Pause and Try to Comprehend:

You just read something obscure to your understanding. You have no clue what the author means. Pause, try to comprehend. Try to brainstorm the sentence and its relationship to past sentences.

  1. Always Question:

Question everything you read mentally. Why did he shoot her? Why the author does sound so sad? Always formulate questions as you engage in reading. This helps you to improve your reading comprehension by making you actively involved in reading.

  1. Discuss what you Read with Someone:

Tell someone about what you read. Discussing what you read orally with someone helps you not only to ascertain the degree to which you had grasp the author’s message but also helps you to clear out some level of obscurity or doubt about what you have read.

  1. Always Have Your Dictionary Beside You:

A good student always sees the relevancy of a good dictionary:

Gone are the days when one would have to carry a big dictionary from place to place. Thanks to technological advancements, there are lots of electronic dictionaries that can be housed inside your mobile phone.

Take note of unintelligible words or vocabulary.  Use the dictionary to know the meaning of those words that you can’t seem to comprehend as you engage in reading comprehension. The more you do this, the more you build your vocabulary. With a comprehensive understanding of so many words in English, you would be able to improve your reading comprehension.


There you have it pals, the top comprehension tips, tricks, and strategies. I wish you the best of luck as you engage in reading comprehension.


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