Salary of a School Psychologist | Job Description

Salary of a School Psychologist

Who is a school psychologist? This is an important question one needs to ask before thinking of the salary of a School Psychologist.

Below we look deep into what being a School Psychologist truly means.

Who is a School Psychologist?

A school psychologist is a trained and qualified person in a school that directs, guides and helps in the learning and teaching process. School psychologists possess the ability to facilitate the teaching and learning abilities of teachers and students respectively.

They work hand in hand with teachers, families and school directors to enable students or pupils to attain the best level of academic excellence. School psychologists also help pupils have a good societal relationship, become behaviorally responsible and become highly emotionally stable and mature.

Education a, Certification, Skills and Experience of s School Psychologist

School psychologist acquires knowledge and training in education and psychology. The duration of course work practically depends on the type of qualification they want to achieve or obtain. The Doctoral degree takes a longer period than a specialist-level degree.

For a school psychologist to work, they need to be accredited by the state in which they work. They can also be certified by the National School Psychology Certification Board (NSPCB).

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) always standardized the code of conduct, accreditation and forming professionalism in practice.

Intending School psychologists acquire fundamental knowledge and skills. They are to acquire important skills in academic practices, mental health interventions, research evaluation, behavioral interventions, crisis management, consultancy and collaboration, assessment, analysis of data, and the collection of data.

Duties of a School Psychologist

A School psychologist must collaborate with Teachers, Parents and other school teams in the achievement of a common goal.

A school psychologist also needs to work with the community in which they work, to enable them to discharge their duties effectively.

School psychologists help in the promotion of behavior and mental health. This could be achieved by the assessment of the emotional needs of students. It can also be achieved by giving groups or individual counseling. Also, they help in the management of personal disorder like anger.

They also ensure that children and students live well in school and at home.

School psychologists help to monitor and assess the improvement of student’s academics. They collect data and analyze them on student academic output.

Additionally, they coordinate services at school, community and also personal services.

School psychologists provide enabling learning and teaching environments in schools free from bullying, indiscipline, injustice, etc.

They help in providing ways of preventing the crisis in the school.

Where can School Psychologists Work

School psychologists work in Public schools. However, they can also work in the following places;

  • Universities
  • Juvenile Justice programs
  • School administration offices
  • Private schools

Prospects of School Psychologists

The number of children in school is increasing and old workers usually get retired. Based on this, School Psychologists have a chance of getting a job after schooling.

The employment rate of school psychologists would also tend to increase. This is because there a lot of several institutions (educational) needing the services of school psychologists.

Salary Structure of a School Psychologists

The salary of a School psychologists depends on the following factors;

  • Where they work,
  • Area of specialization
  • Level of professionalism

Average Annual Salary of School Psychologists

The average annual salary of a School psychologists is $73, 270. Salaries vary with factors like client base, experience, workplaces and so on.

Comparison of a School Psychologist Salary and other Careers in Psychology

Career Average Annual Salary $
General Psychologists 75, 230
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 73, 270
School Counsellor 54, 560
Clinical, counseling 73, 270
School Psychologist 73, 270



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