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School Secretary Job Description

A school secretary is a key player in any school who serves as an intermediary between parents, the community, the school, and the students.

A natural lover of kids and someone capable of handling several duties at a time can be fit for the job.

School secretaries are mostly amiable people with a good sense of humor. It might be interesting to know that no university degree or qualification is necessarily needed in pursuing this profession.

Duties of a School Secretary

They play major roles in a school setting within the cycle of parents, school, students, and the community. Some of the key roles are;

  • Keep and maintain students’ records
  • Disseminate information
  • Record the proceedings in school meetings
  • Updated with the daily happenings in the school
  • They are responsible for picking phone calls, especially in elementary school. Sometimes, it may involve telling a parent about the welfare of his/ her child
  • In a high school, the secretary performs the responsibility of distributing school mails
  • He/ she can also provide clerical assistance to the school principal
  • Gives welcome guests visiting the school for one reason or the other

Educational Requirement to become a School Secretary

School secretary are not tasked with having high school qualification or degree. Having an A level or a good grade GCSE is enough.

Employers are more interested in the wealth of experience you have and the necessary skills you possess to perform your duties effectively.

After you have been employed, you will be trained on what you want to do, and in some cases, you may be opportune or chanced to further your education.


Employers are more interested in the skills you have than your academic qualification. Having the under listed skills will give you an edge in performing your duties very well;

  • Tolerable to children
  • Good computer skills
  • Good telephone manner
  • Must have a good sense of humor
  • Be a team player
  • Must be calm
  • Patient
  • Diplomatic
  • Mathematical skill

Job Outlook

With the growth in technology, so many administrative tasks have been streamlined. Many employees are now required to do most of their duties on their own. Through 2026, there is an expectation that there will be a 5 percent fall in job opportunities for school secretaries.

School Secretary Salary

The salaries of a School secretary varies with location. A large number of them receive medical and dental benefits.

Typically, their salary ranges from $18, 809 to $44,063.

The average salary of a school secretary in the United States is $29, 000 per year.

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