Self-Study: Benefits and how to do it effectively

Self-Study: Benefits and how to do it effectively

I see self-study as an effectual tool to enable students to actualize their potentials.

Just what is self-study? Does it come with a load of benefits? If it does, how can I do it effectively?

Self-study is a brilliant way of improving your learning ability. With the aid of self-study, students can gain an abundance of knowledge and excel truly well in their academics.

Does it look like I am exaggerating?

But you would see that I am not exaggerating. Just keep reading.

Without many digressions, let us delve into what self-study is all about. This would help clear any form obscurity you might have been having before now.

What is Self-Study?

Self-study simply implies studying all by yourself. It entails studying without any assistance either from a teacher or anybody.

This can also be seen as an independent study.

Self-study is the ability of a student to direct his or her study. The students can plan what he or she chooses to learn.

In summary, self-study can be equated to studying by oneself.

Benefits of Self-Study

Some may argue, self-study isn’t an effective way of learning. Some might think that studying without any direct supervision of a brighter person might prove ineffectual.

Okay, I don’t want to brag about self-study, but it is truly awesome.

Permit me to share this little experience with you.

So many years ago, I was so young and cute. I do love to go to school and listen to my teachers. They would take us through a myriad of academic activities. This was done to help us learn. I just wasn’t performing at my very best. Even when I listen attentively. It seems that there was always this fog that I can’t seem to clear off.

After some while, I made a decision. I wanted to be as brilliant as one of the best students in the class then. So I changed my learning technique. I discovered that it wasn’t just about listening to my teachers. It was far more than that.

I began to study all by myself every evening. That was the moment immediately I arrived home from school.

The more I engage in self-study, the more I learn better. My performance in school soared high up. I was able to develop an independent approach to problem-solving.

Self-study simply gave me the confidence I need to gain knowledge without relying much on others.

A breakdown of the benefits of self-study is provided below;

  • It is important to direct one’s learning.
  • It fuels curiosity.
  • Students can be able to study at the time best for them.
  • Allows students to develop independent skills or approach towards problem-solving
  • Enable students to engage more in Learning
  • Inculcate the passion for studying in students.
  • Students will be able to gain a broader knowledge beyond what they are being taught in class.

How to do Self-Study Effectively

  1. Be determined
  2. Set your goals
  3. Understand yourself
  4. Acquire relevant study materials
  5. Revise the same day you read
  6. Give yourself study breaks
  7. Evaluate your Knowledge with the help of study questions
  8. Discuss what you learn with someone.
  9. Be consistent.


Be Determined:

The very first step to do self-study effectively is being determined. You know what you want right? A zeal to step up your performances in school, perhaps? You want to contribute to societal aggrandizement. You would have to be determined.

Determination brings about focus and focuses bring about consistency and consistency would one day lead to success.

So be determined.

Set up your Goals:

What are your study goals? I told you how I determined to boost my learning performance and began to study at the cool of the evening every single day. What are your own goals? How do wish to achieve self-study?

You need to prioritize your reading.

For instance, On Mondays are for Math, Tuesdays are for Chemistry……

Understand yourself:

You need to understand yourself. When do learn better? Perhaps, it is after you have taken a nap. Some learn better after eating. Some during the day while some at night. In whatever way, discover yourself. You need to know when engaging in self-study would be much easier for you.

Acquire Relevant Study Materials:

Acquiring useful information resources can help improve self-study. It can help boost up your zeal to study more. It is also very crucial to self-study. This is because without study materials, just what you want to study?

Revise the same day you read:

Always revise what you read the same day you study.  This enables you not to forget what you have read.

Give yourself study breaks:

As you engage in self-study, it is always of relevance to give yourself study breaks. This helps relax the mind and enables you to reinforce.

Evaluate your Knowledge with study questions:

Practicing study questions is a great way of measuring just how much you know. It not only help study to be effective but also makes it interesting and engaging.

Discuss what you learn with someone:

A relevant way of improving self-study is by discussing what you learn with friends or groups. This enables you to retain whatever knowledge you have gained from studying all by yourself longer.

Be consistent:

Self-study is a continuous practice. It goes on and on. There is not an end to self-study since learning is a lifelong process.

So stay consistent and positive.




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