Standardized test pros and cons: Advantages and Disadvantages

Standardized test pros and cons: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many opinions about standardized testing. Some feel that the pros or advantages are more myriads than the cons or disadvantages. Some, however, have a different opinion. They feel standardized testing is more of a waste of time. They believe that the cons or disadvantages of standardized testing are more than the pros.

The debate on the pros and cons of standardized tests can be a very tough one. Since the opinions of people concerning standardized testing vary, the cons and pros can be quite fascinating.

Before I delve in deeper, it is important to note what standardized testing truly entails.

What is a Standardized Testing?

A standardized test is a standard test. It is a test that is administered to measure the performances of students in a consistent manner. One of the major aims of standardized testing is using the same yardstick to judge or evaluate the performances of all students. It also aims to be destitute of bias or partiality.

Every test that is administered to students at the same time, with the same questions and graded by the same grading system can be considered as a standardized test.

A standardized test is not a matter of whether the question administered is simple or complex. The main aim of a standardized test is just to evaluate students in the same manner under the same condition. The question administered might be quite simple or may be very complex.

The opposite of standardized testing is non-standardized testing. Non-standardized testing is when test takers are subjected to different conditions and probably treated with a different grading system.

Pros or Advantages of Standardized Testing

  1. Standardized testing is a great way of evaluating students’ performance. Standardized testing can be deployed to assess the learning capacity of students. It is a great way to know whether students are improving in their studies or not.
  2. It provides parents, teachers and sponsors an overview of the evaluation of students’ performance
  3. Standardized testing impels students to study. Without standardized tests, students may not see the relevancy to study. Most students would only open their study materials when they feel that a standardized test is about to be administered. However, as a norm, they don’t care to study.
  4. It encourages competition. Competition can be a healthy way of orchestrating the passion for improvement or steady development. Administering the same test under the same condition to students allows students to see the need to compete while subsequently improving their efforts in studies.
  5. Standardized testing is useful in providing a guideline or scope for teaching as they engage in the teaching of students.
  6. It reduces biases in the evaluation of students’ performance to a great extent
  7. Standardized testing helps the school to examine and evaluate its progress through insight into the evaluation of students through standardized testing
  8. It can also help a school to quickly point out brilliant or outstanding students who can represent the school in whatsoever activities like quiz, debate, etc.

Pros or Disadvantages of Standardized Testing

  1. It can create unhealthy competition among students. The advantages that come with competition can be as much as the disadvantages that come from unhealthy competition. Standardized testing can create a sense of competition in students. It can make them see the need to perform better than there mates. In the process of achieving their goal, they may engage in an unhealthy competition such as using of cheating during the test, stealing their mates’ book in hopes that they would have nothing to read or so many other negative habits.
  2. Failure in a standardized test by a student can impair his or her confidence. Inferiority complex could even arise when his or her mates perform far better in a test that has been administered under the same condition
  3. Standardized testing can cause teachers to teach only to the test. Teaching to the test can limit the learning of students. This may not be able to make students flexible enough in their thinking in solving various practical problems.


Standardized testing can be very effective in improving the performances of students however, it comes with some limitations. There are various advantages or pros to standardized testing and there are also various disadvantages or cons to standardized testing. From the pros and cons of standardized testing presented to you above, you would be able to judge whether standardized testing is good or bad for students.


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