Study Tips for Final Exams

One of the most important things students consider in colleges is a grade, and one cannot talk about grade without thinking of THE STUDY TIPS FOR FINAL examination and how to prepare in wait for it. You don’t wait until the final examination is right at the corner of your door, rather you prepare ahead of times, that is why Career Quakers have carried out a survey research on student in college to know how they prepare themselves before examination for a better grade, the study tips that will be sheared below was discovered to be what transpired to their excellent grade performance in final examinations.

 Study Tips for Finals

  1. Keep yourself Healthy
  2. Keep off from social media
  3. Find a reading group
  4. Represent ideas with different colored objects
  5. Collect all material and keep together
  • Keep yourself Healthy

For you to maximize your studying potential, you need to be eating a well-balanced diet that will support your brain to avoid fatigue, there is this common saying that health is wealth. Keeping yourself healthy is very necessary for you to assimilate what you have read, and also allow you to meditate and memorize what you have read. Having enough sleep can as well support your memory to meditate properly on the information you have read. Also map out a time to work out, because this will help you to release endorphins through your body that can boost self-confidence and fight against anxiety.

Furthermore, avoid burning your candle overnight and go to bed early, because a study shows that going to bed late at night before the D day can affect the brain in the examination hall, and this can lead to low performance in your grade.

  • Keep off from social media

Have you notice that sometimes when you have the assignment to do, and you are on social media, you don’t know when you get carried away with the activities that go on the internet, so for the fact that social media such as Facebook, Instagram account, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., serves as a distraction. It is advisable to keep off from it while studying so as you not to put divided attention on your study and social media, this will help you to maximize the time you have devoted for a study for an effective understanding of what you are studying.

Besides, we all know that social media has its advantage but using it at the wrong time can be very disastrous,

  • Find a reading group

One of the study tips for finals is to keep yourself out of friends who attend clubs during examination weeks, it’s good to find a reading group who is studying the same course with you. Attach yourself with a friend who is on campus trying to study. Be very smart to identify a good reading group. You need a bird‘s eye view to know about all the material that you see with your friends or group. This material could be a motivating one. You know what it means when you see a material you think will be of great help while preparing for an examination. Discus every topic you find very difficult to comprehend with your friends. Studying with friends use to be full of fun and interesting.

  • Represent ideas with different colored objects

How colored objects can help you memorize essential information easily will astonish you, most especially when you have a lot of topics to study. Use different information methods to represent some ideas, represent ideas or information with colored alphabet like R for a red chair, B for a blue table to remember items on a list, principles and different scientific laws. You can be surprised at how this works for easy remembrance of what you have studied.

  • Collect all material and keep together

All the materials you will need to read should be collected after creating your time-table and be put together. This includes previous assignments, practice tests, textbooks, previous tests, reading assignments.

Arrange and classify all these materials by subject so that no course will be left out in touch. This will enable you to figure out those topics you were unable to attend the classes due to one reason or the other. This is where it is essential to have a strong affinity with your teacher and also be the type that studies in a group, don’t be shy of asking your colleagues about the note they made in a particular class you do not attend.


The goal of every student is to hit an excellent grade in the examination. For this aim to actualize, the study tips for finals in this post has unveiled the procedures to follow.

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