Top 15 Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants in 2020

Top 15 Job opportunities in Canada for Immigrants in 2020

You are an immigrant in Canada and you are asking yourself “what next?” you need to survive or earn yourself a good living. What you simply need is a job. No, No, No!!! You do not just need a job or work to engage in, you need the best or top job opportunities not restricted to immigrants in order to fetch yourself good cash that will enable you to build up your status. No worries, this post got you covered.

As you may be aware, Canada is one of the developed countries of the world very favorable to immigrants. This simply means you wouldn’t have many troubles trying to settle in or adapt to its country’s system. The Federal Government has developed a Fast-Track entry system for individuals who are highly dexterous or skilled due to an inadequacy of skilled manpower. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a complete destitute or lack of skilled manpower in the country. Rather, this simply entails that there is an obvious wealth of job opportunities orchestrated by the continuous rising of industries requiring man effort. These top job opportunities in Canada are however of no use to maladroit or unskilled individuals. It is therefore advisable to improve your skills and qualifications as an immigrant in order to not miss out on an enviable job opportunity and consequently, walk on the streets of Canada as a broken man or woman.

Let’s delve deeper! The top or best job opportunities you can engage in as a determined immigrant in Canada are revealed below;

The Best Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants;

  • Software engineer
  • Accountant
  • Audiologist
  • Logopedist
  • Cardiology Technologist:
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist:
  • Medical Sonographer:
  • Geoscientist and Oceanographers:
  • Land Surveyors:
  • IT Project Manager:
  • Business Analyst
  • Engineering Project Managers:
  1. Software Engineer:

The intelligent application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the building, operation, and maintenance of the software can be said to be software engineering. In a simplified term, the software that makes your phone perform various tasks is one of the designs done by software engineers. There is, of course, a considerable demand for immigrants with a qualification in software engineering.

You can earn up to C$43.27 per hour as a software engineer in Canada.

  1. Accountant:

Accountants are crucial to the success of any establishments and therefore, are in very high demand in Canada. Accountants are tasked with the responsibility of organizing and maintaining various records emanating from a company or firm especially financial records but still goes beyond that.

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation has an enviable steady employment history in Canada and this is likely to experience an increase.

Salary Ranges: $63, 000 to $75, 000


  1. Audiologist:

Audiologists are professionals in the healthcare sector that diagnose, treat and/or manages hearing disorders. This is a really good profession which is in demand in Canada.

Salary ranges between C$48, 936 to C$98,278

  1. Logopedist:

These specialists or clinicians are trained on how to correct speech sounds, the disorders in writing, reading, disorders in the use of language and swallowing disorders. These specialists are in demand in Canada and job entry is not restrained from immigrants.

Salary ranges between C$48, 936 to C$98,278

  1. Cardiology Technologist:

Due to the large aging population in Canada, Cardiology technologists are in high demand. This is a good job opportunity to make use of, as an immigrant in Canada. To gain employment as a Cardiology technologist, you would be required to register with the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologist (in the exemption of Quebec).

Salary Ranges between $43, 451 to $69, 701

  1. Respiratory Therapist:

Also resulting from the large population of aged Canadians, jobs in need of Respiratory therapists are in high demand for skilled professionals.

Salary Ranges between $44, 769 to $87, 897

  1. Occupational Therapist:

These Therapists are concerned with their clients; how they can achieve quality living through work or occupation. They, therefore, come to the rescue of their clients who are affected by illness, injury or psychological problems or disorder. There is indeed a high demand for people with a qualification in occupational therapy in the public sector.  This, however, doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities that exist in the private area for people with qualifications in occupational therapy.

Salary Ranges between C$47, 526 to C$81, 790

  1. Medical Sonographer:

Medical sonographers employ the use of ultrasound to produce diagnostic images of the internal organs of the body of a fetus. There is indeed a significant level of demand for immigrants with a qualification in medical sonography. It is important to be aware that most employers see the registration with the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers as a requisite.

Wages range from C$32.00 – C$44.81 (hourly)

  1. Geoscientist and Oceanographers:

A skill and qualification in geoscience and/or oceanography makes you a valuable asset in Canada. The urge or need to make an exploration of Canadian mineral resources is very high. There would likely be continuity in an increase of demands in this career or field.

Salary Ranges: C$54, 044 to C$141, 772

  1. Land Surveyors:

Land surveyors are professionals who play important roles including determining and delineating the form, extent, and position of (such as a tract of land) through the application of certain principles. These professionals are in scarce supply in Canada which gives or paves the way to opportunities for immigrants.

Salary Range: $38, 185 to $108, 065

  1. IT Project Manager:

IT Project Managers shows great dexterity or skills in information technology. However, IT project managers go beyond just displaying an adept ability in information technology operations, it also involves intelligent planning of information technology projects that can give a company, form or establishment an edge in the competitive market of Canada.

Salary Ranges: $92, 000 to $114, 000

  1. Business Analyst:

Every company, firm or organization that is involved in profit-making can be considered as a business. This, therefore, makes business analysts crucial to the success of any company or firm. There is no doubt high demand for the services of immigrants with qualifications in Business analysis to ensure efficiency in ongoing business operations.

Salary Ranges: $73, 000 to $87, 000

  1. Engineering: Petroleum, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineering:

The sector of engineering in Canada is blessed with a wealth of opportunities. However, in the midst of diverse engineering fields, the field of Petroleum, Chemical, and Aerospace engineering is in short supply of skilled professionals ready to mount required industries in Canada

Petroleum Engineer Salary Ranges: C$63, 421 to C$232, 240

Chemical Engineer Salary Ranges: C$45, 128 TO c$102, 323

Aerospace Engineer: C$ 49, 248 to C$111, 006

  1. Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathologists:

Medical laboratory technicians are in high demand in Canada and also other countries in the world. Opportunities are not limited to hospitals but also include positions in private laboratories, clinics, educational institutions, biotechnology companies and many other opportunities found both in the private and public sectors.

Salary Ranges between C$26, 782 to C$60, 525

  1. Engineering Project Managers:

These intelligent engineers are tasked with roles including the designs and coordination of engineering aspects of a construction project. In other words, they ensure that engineering construction projects are meticulously planned and successfully completed. People of such expertise or qualification are in no doubt, highly demanded of by top engineering construction firms in Canada.

Salary Ranges between C$74, 000 to C$92, 000.

Summary of the Top Jobs in Demand in Canada (2020)

Are you an immigrant in Canada and you fear that you may never survive in a strange country? Maybe, that is if you are determined not to survive in Canada. There is no doubt the wealth of job opportunities beyond what is revealed in this post. But first, go and acquire some skills and you would not only survive but flourish in Canada.

There you have it pals, the top job opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

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