Top Careers in Zoology: What can I do with a Zoology Degree

The field of zoology is an interesting one. But what is it all about? What are the top career opportunities associated with its discipline? Acquiring a degree in zoology would expose me to what skills? All these questions will be giving answers to, as you proceed through this post.

Let’s dig in.

About zoology

Zoology is an interesting field of endeavor which can be viewed as a branch of science that involves the study of animals and animal behaviors. The field of zoology emphasized the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habit, and distribution of all animals both living and extinct.

In a general view, zoology studies the properties and important phenomena exhibited by an animal, animal type or group.

Zoology is, therefore, a category of the wider field biology.

The field of zoology gives man a deeper understanding or insight into nature’s animal creature.

The discipline unravels the characteristics of animals and their relationship to their environment. It also enables man to develop a deeper sense of how to adapt in his environment with a wide category of his neighboring animals.

Career Options in Zoology

The field of zoology can be narrowed down to more specific career opportunities. These career opportunities are presented below,

  1. Zookeeper
  2. Ecologist
  3. Wide life rehabilitators
  4. Zoo curator
  5. Marine scientist
  6. Zoologist
  7. Nature conservationist
  8. Laboratory animal caretaker job
  9. Pet caretaker specialist
  10. Animal technician

Beyond the above-mentioned careers in zoology, a degree in zoology prepares you for intensive careers in research. Zoologist travels and engages themselves in several environments inhibited by animals trying to observe and study them. With a degree in zoology, you can also find yourself pursuing the career path of education. Zoology graduates found in the teaching path disseminate knowledge on biology in secondary schools. At a higher status that is, with a further in the study, you can find yourself a higher education lecturer.

Employers of Zoology Graduates

The following are the top employers of graduates with a degree in zoology;

  • Natural parks
  • Research firms
  • Wide life refuges
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Higher institutions

Skills Required In Zoology

As a good zoology expert, there are quality skills that are necessary for you to exhibit. These skills, when exhibited, make you valuable to different employers. These skills are listed down below;

  1. Zoologist must be very keen to observe.
  2. Zoologist must be able to develop intelligent details gotten from observations.
  3. Zoologists should possess good communication skills to enable them to communicate reports intelligently.
  4. Brilliant outdoor skills: You must be able to adapt to the diverse environment you may find yourself.
  5. Intelligent research skills.
  6. Zoologists must learn to perform efficiently as an individual and also as a team.
  7. Must be technological inclined: A zoologist must be able to adapt to the use of methods and equipment employed to facilitate the task.


Zoologists develop strategies, methods, procedures or modalities to study everything about animals, how various animals coexist, and inter-relationship between animals and their environment.

There is a wide range of career opportunities to pursue as a graduate in zoology, but what matters most is your improvement.


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