Top Easy Ways to Stick to your Reading Schedule

Reading is not an easy task. All students at some point in their lives wish to run away from school. This is because of the hard work that is associated with achieving success in school. Sure, we are aware of the pride and beauty that comes with academic success, but it is not just easy to cope with reading daily.

Well, this article will help you plan your reading and stick to them in the easiest ways. We will therefore provide you with tips to help you do so.


Top Easy Ways to Stick to your Reading Schedule

reading and studying

Follow these easy ways and you would see yourself reading and reading

  1. Ask yourself the reasons why you must read
  2. Think of your goals
  3. How realistic are your goals
  4. Create a reading schedule
  5. Your reading schedule should be simple for you
  6. Ask yourself the reasons why you must study
  7. Study
  8. Do not let your time frame limit you
  9. Avoid Distraction
  10. Do not procrastinate
  11. Reward yourself
  12. Have fun.
  13. Stay Motivated

I will be explaining each of the above points.

  1. Ask Yourself the Reasons why you must Read or Study:

This is the first step and probably the most crucial step. The reason why most students would find it difficult to read is that they do not fear academic failure before it actually happens.

Our ability to committed to anything we do is sometimes driven by fear or love for success.

You will need to ask yourself why you are studying. You will need to clarify to yourself that you do not need to fail academically and if you would need to be successful in your career in posterity, it starts now.

  1. Think of your Reading Goals:

How long should you be reading? How often do you want to read? Remember, whatever, your answer is, you need to stick to it.

  1. How Realistic are your Goals:

Do not create a reading goal that is difficult for you to achieve. This is why understanding your strength and weakness is an important step to success for any student.

Your goals should be real enough for you to achieve.

  1. Create a Reading Schedule:

Next, you will need to create a good reading schedule. You should put this one on paper.

Your reading schedule should accommodate the subjects, time, and days you will be reading. However, you should also plan your reading to be every day.

  1. Your reading schedule should be simple for you:

Do not plan to read 20 books a day. Your reading schedule could be as simple as reading one book every day.

  1. Ask yourself the reasons why you must study:

Again, why must you study? Ask yourself the reasons why you are studying. This is necessary to stir up your desire.

Sincerely, determination is what is really needed to sustain your consistency to study.

  1. Study:

Don’t procrastinate. Just study. This can be the hardest part but it is sincerely the core of this article.

  1. Do not let your time frame limit you:

I hope you set a time limit in your reading schedule. In as much as you set a time schedule in your reading schedule, you shouldn’t allow your time schedule to limit you.

Don’t rush your reading because it seems that the time is so fast.

The point is to understand what you are reading.

  1. Avoid Distraction:

There are so many things that can cause distractions. Your phone could be a distraction, even your friend could be a distraction.

You should try as much as possible to eliminate those distractions. If your phone is a distraction, turn it off for the few hours you would be spending with your book.

  1. Do not procrastinate:

Learn not to procrastinate. Do not wait for heaven to come down before you start reading. Just study.

  1. Reward yourself:

Each day you read successfully, you should reward yourself. That little reward can serve as a motivation to you.

  1. Have fun:

Have fun. Do not allow your consistency in studying to become a barrier to social life.

This is detrimental as it can make studying boring and ultimately decrease your interest in studying.

  1. Stay Motivated:

Do you have a role model? Well, it will be nice if you had one. There are many great minds out there that can get you motivated. We have Larry Page, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Faraday…. All of these people spent their time studying.



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