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The first western university in Canada is the University of Manitoba which was founded in 1877 and located at Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene people, which are the center of the country. It is a public research university. The university is reckoned as the top research-intensive post­ secondary educational institution.

The University of Manitoba is ranked the 17th largest university in the whole of Canada and is the largest university in Manitoba by enrolment and campus area. Hundreds of program are been run in the university including a French-language affiliate.

A huge impact is been played on discoveries by graduate students of this university in Canada. Therefore, do you want to have a flair in the labor market? Then the best place to run a program is here. As a result of the inquisitive nature of our students to know, we have been unlocking so many doors that are faced by Canadians and the world at large for the past 140 years.

Ranking criteria

1. Academic Ranking of World Universities sometimes called shanghai ranking or ARWU;

This places emphasis on the research quality and results of each university e.g it is determined by the prize won by the students or staff and alumina of each university, with the number of materials published, and their contribution to different academic fields. The level at which their research is been referenced or cited by other universities across the world is also a factor considered for this ranking.


Here is the stand of the University of Manitoba in the world according to ARWU Ranking;


Year Standings
2017 301
2018 301
2019 301
2020 301


2. Times Higher Education World University rankings are otherwise known as THE RANKINGS;

The rankings compile the list of the best universities across the globe and evaluate them according to their statistics, quality of teaching and research performance. The level at which other researchers from other universities cited their works.

                                       Year Standings
2020 351
2019 401
2018 401


3. QS World University Ranking;

The QS World University Ranking is one of the top international rankings which depends mainly on the research carried out by each university, and as well gather information about what each university is known for from various academics worldwide.

Year Standings
2020 601
2019 601
2018 551


Courses or Disciplines you can pursue in the University of Manitoba

  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Agriculture and veterinary medicine
  • Education and training
  • Humanities
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Business and Management
  • Pure and applied science
  • Computer science and IT
  • Health and Medicine
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Creative Art and Design
  • Personal care and Fitness
  • Social studies and Media


Tuition fees of some departments of the University of Manitoba

Master of Science (M.Sc.) computer science:                                      $8,493 1st Year Fees

Course duration:                                                                                                2 years

Application deadline:                                                                                       Feb 01

Exam scores:                                                                                                         TOEFL 86 | IELTS 6.5


Master of Science (M.Sc.) Mechanical Engineering                           $8,493 1st year fees

Exam Scores:                                                                                                    TOEFL 86   |IELTS   6.5

Course duration:                                                                                                  2 years

Application Deadline:                                                                                        Feb 01

Exam scores:                                                                                                          TOEFL 86 | IELTS 6.5


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science:                                     $16,575 1st year fees

Exam Scores:                                                                                                           TOEFL | IELTS 6.5

Course duration:                                                                                                    4 years

Application Deadline:                                                                                      Aug 01


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Biochemistry and Medical Genetics:            $8,493 1st year fees

Course Duration:                                                                                                                         4 years

Application Deadline:                                                                                                                 Mar 01

Exam Scores:                                                                                                                                TOEFL 86 | IELTS   6.5


Overview of the University of Manitoba

Institution Type:                                                                                                                          Public

Student Population                                                                                                                      29620

The average cost of attendance                                                                                                  $8,493/Year

Accreditation                                                                                                                                  AUCC

Student: Faculty Ratio                                                                                                                  26: 1

DLI Number                                                                                                                                   O19091528512

Application Cost                                                                                                                             $75


Test Score for International Applicants

Exams Min. Score Avg. Score Max score
IELTS 6.6 6.5 7
TOEFL 86 90 94


University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate

Total Applicants Total Enrolled Acceptance Rate
56962 29620 52.0%



Graduate Programs 15.0%
Total Applicants 25020
Total Enrolled 3753



Undergraduate Program 85.0%
Total Applicants 29571
Total Enrolled 25135


University of Manitoba Enrollment

University of Manitoba Enrollment 29620
Graduate Enrollment 3753
Undergraduate 25135


Graduation Rate

Average Graduation Rate 63.1%


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