Warehouse Manager Salary and Job Description

Let me just not talk about a Warehouse manager salary now. There is no need to rush. We need to know what Warehouse Management truly entails.

Who is a Warehouse Manager?

A warehouse manager is someone responsible for the control and full optimization of warehouse activities from the entry of inventory into warehouse/warehouses until items are sold, moved or consumed.

Duties of a Warehouse Manager

  • They coordinate the process of warehouse operations
  • Proper documentation of goods or items moving in and out of a warehouse.
  • They maintain people and systems to make sure items are received and dispatched accordingly.
  • Monitoring of inward and outward movement of goods, to have concise and accurate data of transactions.
  • They ensure the effective use of software packages used in computation in the storehouse.
  • Supervise the workability of machines, like cranes and robots (if available) for the daily operation of the warehouse.
  • They liaise with clients that supplies goods
  • Maintenance of good communication with customers. They also update customers on the availability or non-availability of certain goods.
  • Work to upload the company’s policies and maintain its vision.
  • Keep stock records and ensure inventories are accurate
  • Oversee the recruitment of human resources in the warehouse
  • Monitor the performance of staff in the warehouse.
  • Generate regular reports and statistics
  • Ensures the security of the warehouse.

Careers Related to Warehousing

  • Business Administration
  • Transport, Distribution, and Logistics
  • Business and Economics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operational Research

Education and Skills of Warehouse Managers

To perform well as a warehouse manager, you may need to obtain a degree in related fields like Economics, Operational research, Business management and so on.

Many people work as a warehouse manager. However, to increase your value, you might need to boost your educational qualification in the appropriate field.

You must have skills so that you can coordinate the operational process and full optimization of the resource available at your disposal.

You are expected to exhibit the following skills;

  • Analytical Ability
  • Organizing Ability
  • Planning Ability
  • Ability to relate with others excellently.
  • Have an ability to recruit quality staffs
  • You must have modern knowledge of software and the automatic usage of machines was necessary.
  • Have the ability to manage stock and take accurate records of stock.
  • You must be decisive
  • Good budgeting ability
  • Must be able to enact the company’s policies and terms
  • Excellent problem-solving ability
  • Must be a team player

Salary Structure of a Warehouse Manager

The salary of a Warehouse manager varies. It varies with the superiority of roles and duties.

Although, warehouse managers may benefit from incentives like company cars, staff discount, pension, loan health insurance and so on.

Their salary also depends on working hours.

Senior warehouse managers work for longer hours than junior officers.

In the United States, the average annual salary of a Warehouse Manager is $46,597.

The range is between $ 27, 000 and $61, 000.

Salary of Warehouse Managers according to level.

Levels Average Annual Salary Range $
Senior Warehouse Manager 49, 600
Junior Manager 21, 080 – 24, 800
Entry Level 22, 320 -31, 000


Salary of Warehouse Managers by States

We will consider the Salary of a Warehouse manager in very few states of the United States.

States Hourly Wage $ Annual Salary $
California 23.65 49, 192
Virginia 23.53 48, 949
Arizona 23.28 48, 426
New Jersey 23.13 48, 115


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