What can I do with a Sociology Degree ? | A good or bad degree to study?

What can I do with a Sociology Degree?

Is the sociology degree good or bad? This post promises to engage you in all the career opportunities and benefits you gain if you study sociology

Overview of Sociology

Sociology is the study of human interactions, societies, and ways of preserving them. It cut across studying cultures (ways of life of people), groups and institutions, behaviors of humans to have a better understanding of human society.

It is a discipline that offers analysis and explains important matters in our lives, communities, and global society.

SA person studying sociology can independently research social phenomena like deviant behavior, religion, faith, love, racial identity, family and identify the associated concepts related to them.

In a societal setting, sociology tends to investigate and proffer explanations to issues like poverty and wealth, prejudice and discrimination, urban community, education and schools, crime, and law.

At the World level, it studies phenomena like war and peace, population, economic development, and migration.

Sociologists constantly research to have a better understanding of human life, the society and enable them to have deeper knowledge about this environmental concepts.

It offers the benefits of living rewarding personal and professional life in a dynamic society.

Why Study Sociology?

Sociology has a tremendous influence on society. It offers a range of benefits to the individual and the World at large. Some of these include;

  • Sociology expands our analysis and understanding of human social relationships, cultures, and organizations through an analytical perspective, social research methods.
  • Sociology through constant research and intensive study gives new insights and knowledge. It allows people to read new books and discuss matters with fellow students and researchers.
  • It helps people to be independent. Most of the research work in sociology are carried out individually without supervision, this is a compelling factor and also stimulating to work alone. It enables you to have self-confidence.
  • It gives students the ability to have critical thinking. This makes you gain an understanding of human social life, taking cognizance of important research questions. You will develop skills on how to structure good social research projects, carefully gather data, and analyze empirical data and formulate and present their research findings.
  • Sociology offers an excellent and enlightening way of seeing and understanding the social world in which we love and shapes our lives.
  • It helps students to look objectively into their society.
  • Guides our insights into how society fits together and makes us aware of the social changes.

What can you do with a Sociology Degree?

A discipline in sociology prepares its students for a lot of diversities. Earning a degree can give you vast of opportunities which includes;

  • Industrial and Business Exploitation:

Sociology does not just prepare students narrowly for research and textbook studies. It provides students with fundamental knowledge about business. A degree in sociology will boost your confidence in taking critical and reasonable decisions in business. It can also encourage you to learn business processes.

Sociology Career Opportunities

Earning a Bachelor’s degree in sociology can open a wide variety of employment opportunities. You can be employed in Federal Agencies, State commissions, Local government council, and Community Service agencies like juvenile courts, Adults correctional agencies and other community organizations

Diverse Career Roles

A degree in sociology makes you qualify for various positions, e.g.

  • Management consultant
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Human Resource Representative
  • Lawyer
  • Policy Analyst

Generally, a degree in sociology prepares and upgrades you in;

  • Forms opinions ideas and theories
  • Maintain a flexible mind.
  • Thinking and creativity
  • Maintain objectivity, particularly towards the people
  • Having confidence in your opinions.
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