What Does a Data Analyst do | Job Description, Duties, Salary

Data Analyst Job Description

A Data Analyst is a professional whose major work is gathered and organize valuable data. They translate the gathered data into meaningful information.

The information obtained provides guides for business decisions. It, however, brings a reasonable level of advancement and improvement to the business.

Data Analysts analyze data intensively. Their duties range from collecting and interpreting data, analyzing the result to relevant members of the business team.

The requirement, Education and Skills of a Data Analyst

To work as a Data Analyst, you, it will be profitable to have wealth of experience. This will enable you to discharge your duties efficiently with a high level of analytics and professionalism.

This experience is usually based on business data analysis and or pure data analysis.

A degree in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and economics would be beneficial to the profession.

They also must be experienced in data modeling and reporting packages.

Skills Required of a Data Analyst

The following skills should be possessed by a competent Data Analyst. So, I will start working on those skills if I am to become a Data Analyst.

  • Possess knowledge and understanding of statistics
  • Must be able to use statistical packages to analyze larger data. Some of these software packages include; SPSS, Excel, etc.
  • Must have problem-solving skills.
  • They must be passionate about gathering data and translating them into valuable information.
  • Must have technical expertise in data design, data development, data mining, and segmentation techniques
  • Must be skillful in communication, reporting, and documentation.

Duties or Responsibilities of Data Analysts

Data Analyst forms a fundamental part of any industry. Their roles guide the decision-making process of any serious firm. In other words, the duties of Data Analysts are channeled into the improvement of any firm.

Some of the duties of Data Analyst are pointed out below;

  • Gathering data from primary and secondary sources
  • Maintenance of system problems
  • Interpretation of data, and analyzing results through statistical means
  • They help in the development and implementation of databases. Data Analysts must ensure the smooth running of database systems.
  • Reporting and giving relevant feedback of analysis to the appropriate units of the industry.
  • They also filter and cleanse data.

Job Prospects of Data Analysts

Data Analysts are indispensable in today’s industries. This gives a golden reflection of their chances of having dream jobs and earning good pay.

The tremendous value they add to industries through their technical work forms the basis for their essentiality to industries.

Data collection, analysis, interpretation, and translating into useful information becomes inherently valuable to the decision-making process of any industry.

This is also necessary to improve the overall performance of any industry.

The bogus and attractive salary of a Data Analyst is also fantastic. This is influenced by factors such as your qualification, level of experience, location, etc.

However, with the technical services they render, their chances of having a job or getting placement are high.

Many industries are looking for a technically inclined and skilled analyst to process and interpret data effectively. Based on research, Data Analysts’ job opportunities are expected to rise to 2.7 million.

Data Analyst Salary

The salary structure of a Data Analyst varies. Factors that influenced the salary of a Data Analyst would include;

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Qualification
  • Level or Rank etc.

It is also very important to know that most Data Analysts chooses to upgrade in their profession. That had made some Data Analysts walk the path into becoming Data Scientist and Data Engineer.

A Data Analyst with a Bachelor’s degree with two years of experience earns $54, 000. There is usually an upward progression of their earning to $70, 000 after two more years of experience.

Senior Data Analysts with up to six years of working experience earns as high as $88, 000. Specialized Data Analysts earn up to $100, 000.

With five or ten years’ experience progression, you should be expecting an increment in salary.

Data Engineers earns up to $110, 000 to $155, 000 annually while Data Scientist earns up to $113, 000.

Also, jobs in larger cities like Chicago, New York, etc. tend to offer higher pay in salary.




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