What Does a Histotechnologist do?

Who is a Histotechnologist

Who is a Histotechnologist and what does he or she do? To be able to understand this, we shall see firstly what is histology. Histology deals with the study of cellular structure and the anatomy of tissue and architecture.

Histotechnologists focus on the use of technological innovation and methods. This they do to collect samples, analyze, detect, diagnose and treat disorders and illnesses.

They are very important members of any medical laboratory team. Histotechnologists undertake the responsibility of preparing human, animal and plant samples. They use techniques like staining, decalcification, sectioning, and micro-incineration and so on.

These techniques provide insights on how to investigate the cause of a disease and way(s) of diagnosing it.

Histotechnologists are specially trained in such a way that tissues obtained from the specimen can be preserved. Tissues are preserved through chemical means by applying the knowledge gathered

Skills and Job Description of the Histotechnnologists

Histotechnologists acquire formal knowledge in biochemistry, immunology, pathology, anatomy, and microbiology. They apply this knowledge in carrying out their duties efficiently.

During laboratory work, they obtain tissue samples, preserve them through chemical means. Samples are subjected to pass through various steps. These steps would allow the tissues to be very thin and place on glass slides.

Through chemical and immunological techniques, the slides can be analyzed. This is done so that the micro-anatomic structures can be seen through a microscope. The result of the entire process is closely monitored so that the effect desired can be noticed.

The field of Pathology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology and coupled with histology is very necessary.  They help Histotechnologist achieve the most efficient method of obtaining a premeditated result.

Where can Histotechnologists Work?

Since Histotechnology is a dynamic profession, it can work in various workplaces. They include;

  1. Pathological Laboratories
  2. Pharmaceutical companies
  3. Biomedical and Academic laboratories
  4. Veterinary
  5. Hospitals
  6. Government agencies

Careers in Histotechnology

The careers in Histotechnology includes;

  1. Histochemistry
  2. Anatomy and Physiology
  3. Immunology
  4. Microscopy
  5. Histology
  6. Pathology
  7. Biochemistry

Certification and Licensing of a Histotechnologist

To become an Histotechnologist is not so hard. To become a histotechnologist in America, one must possess a Bachelors’s degree in Clinical laboratory science. Also, a certification from a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical laboratory science is a requisite

You must be certified for you to be offered a job. This is a requisite demanded by most employers. The American Society for clinical pathology offers National certification and testing.

Everything you need to know about who is a Histotechnologist is provided in this post. It unravels the job description and the careers in Histotechnology

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