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Job Description of a Robotic Engineer

A robotic engineer is a technologically inclined professional that design plans needed to build robots and robotic systems that perform operations that humans that are tedious for humans to complete.

Through the development of robot systems, they make industrial, domestic, and processes to be stress-free and safer.

It is the duty of engineers to research on the tasks the robot systems want to perform and the process it will utilize in performing such a task. They spend adequate time in planning and constructing small units or parts of the entire robots,

Robotic engineers work using computer-aided drafting and design, building, research, and development.

Research and Development: Designing robot systems requires design and modification. They engage in critical thinking and analysis. They interact with others on how to implement the plans of a building.

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design: The robotic engineers use cutting-edge 3D modeling programs such as AutoCAD, blender, inventor to create plans and schematics.

Building: This involves handy engagement in materials that can be used in constructing robots as well as creating robot tools that will assist or be used in forming the robots.

Educational Requirements to become a Robotic Engineer

To study robotic engineering at the university, students must have a fundamental knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics in secondary education.

Participating in extracurricular activities could be helpful.

Since there is no fully accredited robotic engineering course presently, you can choose to study in related fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering coupled with computer software engineering courses like coding.

After your undergraduate, you will have to work as an intern in robotic manufacturing companies to gain experience.

With the high level of demand for robot systems and the complex nature of its building, a master’s degree may be required in the future.

Responsibilities Required of Robotic Engineers

  • Perform research into the design, operation, and performance of the robot mechanism, or system.
  • They teach the plans to which the robot systems are being manufactured.
  • Build and analyze the prototype of their target robots while making necessary adjustments.
  • They work as technical support for robot sellers and end-users.
  • Perform research continuously for necessary improvements in generations to come.
  • Designing robots that are used to boost production in industries.
  • Robotic engineers design software to control robots.

Job Outlook and Prospects

The projected job growth rate of robotic engineers is expected to be greater by 5%. This is more than any growth of other jobs in the U.S.

Graduates of robotic engineering and related fields like electrical engineers are not expected to struggle to get jobs in years to come. Not until 2028.

Robotic engineers have diverse skills and knowledge in computer software and other courses. As a result of this, the tendency to land a good job is high.

Salary of Robotic Engineers

In the United States, the average annual salary of Robotic engineers is $100, 000.

Average Annual Salaries of Related Fields to Robotic Engineers

  • CAD designer: $56, 000
  • Mechanical engineer: $78, 000
  • Process engineer: $82, 000
  • Control engineers: $84, 000
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