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What does a Truancy Officer do?

Many students due to laziness and preoccupation with video games don’t want to school. They intentionally skip school for baseless reasons, and consequentially recording poor grades and sometimes even drop out of school.

Truancy officers track illegal absentees from school. They determine the cause and possible ways to resolve such a habit.

They sometimes work with law enforcement agencies and school administrators to carry out their duties effectively. Truancy officers can also relate with students’ families to determine the cause of truancy habits and must time know why some students leave school early and arrive late.

Educational Requirements to become a Truancy Officer

The education requirement of a truancy officer is based on whether he/ she would operate as a school counselor or law enforcement agency.

As a school counselor, you will be required to get a degree in counseling. Master’s degree may particularly be required by your employees, this is always necessary to be licensed and practice officially in your workplace. This can however vary with the state you reside in.

As a law enforcement agency, you will have to get a degree in Criminal Justice or other related fields. Before you can operate, you may be required to go for Academy training before you can start operating as a truancy officer. You will have to work with children to gain experience, this will be very helpful in discharging your duties effectively. H6


Some states require you to get certification before you can be licensed. To be certified, you have to a graduate of a degree program in criminal justice, psychology, or any other related field.

Licensing ranges initial license to a Master’s license and a higher level of licensing which may require more experience and education.

Duties of Truancy Officer

  • Truancy officers focus on tracking the record of students’ school attendance, late arrival for school work, and early departure from school.
  • They interact with parents to discuss possible causes of absenteeism and proffer ways of preventing it. They may also teach teachers on the concept of truancy.
  • Truancy officers are also responsible for interpreting handbook policies on attendance and pertinent laws. They determine the causes of absenteeism and ways to proffer a solution to it.
  • They liaise with teachers to implement laws and policies that will mitigate late arrival to school and early departures.
  • Truant officers are also responsible for writing and submission of investigative findings on cases.
  • They report worrisome issues to child services
  • Counsel students.
  • They investigate students who are excessively absent from school without authorization.
  • Truancy officers also serve as intermediaries between school administrators, parents, and court systems, and law enforcement agencies.

Job Outlook

Truancy officers perform roles that are very important, sensitive, and needed by society, parents, and school. This is to guide the future of students and prevent undue from dropping out of school and eventually curb social vices and criminalities.

Due to these critical responsibilities, their demand is not avoidable or to say it’s certain, hence, they have a growth rate of about 6 percent.

Salary of Truancy Officers

The salary of truancy officers in the United States depends on where you work, experience, and level of education.

The higher your education, the higher your earning. The average hourly salary of truancy officer is $25, the average weekly salary is $985, the average monthly salary is $4, 267 and the average annual salary is $51, 208 across the United States.

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