What Does Editorial Assistant do?

Job Description of Editorial Assistant

An Editorial assistant works directly with editors. They help editors in performing administrative roles like messaging, traveling around and generally running errands. Aspiring editorial assistants should have a background in writing or communication and advancement opportunities may be available.

Skills and Qualifications Required of Editorial Assistant

To be a successful editorial assistant, you have to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. You must also have an in-depth understanding of how to publish.

The skills include;

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good understanding and knowledge of the publishing process.
  • Good communication skills
  • Must be able to carry out several tasks at ones
  • With the advancement in technology and the digital publishing process, you must have related knowledge of computer software and application and their usage.

Education and Training

Most times, the requirements demanded by employers differ. A bachelor’s degree is needed. Having a degree in related fields like journalism, creative writing, and English would give you a reasonable opportunity to become an editorial assistant. Some even undergo training before working alone.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Editorial Assistant

Editorial assistants play so many roles. Some of these duties are presented below;

  • They deal with administrating work contracted to writers, photographers, stylists, researchers and illustrators
  • Verification of facts. In other words, they help Editors to check facts. They use the internet to check against false information and plagiarism.
  • They give details to grammar and punctuation. In other words, they check the correctness of words and punctuation marks. In the performance of this task, they make use of application software.
  • They help editors in receiving messages, phone calls and running of errands.
  • An Editorial assistant helps in the collation of works.
  • They help in modifying articles to enable it to deliver the best message possible.
  • They also help in selecting content, though this is usually the duties of an Editor. However, in some cases, the Editorial assistant can still perform this same task.
  • They can carry out finding and photocopying of documents
  •  Write articles and reports
  •  Collation of newsletters and their distribution.
  • They make a recommendation to Editors where necessary after assessment of the manuscript.

Career Prospects

Your success in Editorial assistance depends on the quality work and good name that you have overtime earned for yourself.

Your promotion also depends on how well you can prove yourself of been qualified, capable of handling higher positions like senior editors or project editors.

Sometimes, to have a document in your place of work, you may also need to acquire some basic skills and experience which most times become more advantages in smaller firms.

Salary of an Editorial Assistant

The average annual salary in the United States is $43, 761 for Editorial Assistants. Salaries can also vary from firm to firm. The full-time Editorial assistants have more benefits like health insurance, vacation incentives, etc.

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