What Does a Horticulturist do?

What Does Horticulturist do?

A horticulturist is an agro-scientific specialist who works on cultivation, harvesting, storage, processing, and transportation of ornamental plants, vegetables, and fruits.

They work to investigate the pesticide effect of diseases on plants, and most times, carry out research on breeding, propagating and harvesting of plants.

Fundamental Duties of a Horticulturist

Scientifically, Horticulturists perform different forms of tasks. These tasks range from laboratory research and field (or garden) work.

In the laboratory, during experimentation and research, they collect soil samples, investigate the samples and come out with conclusions.

If the soil samples would be good for the cultivation of certain forms of plants (i.e. shrubs, vegetables, flowers, trees, and berries) or not.

Horticulturists also carry out investigations and experimentations on diseases and pesticidal infestation on plants. They look for ways to reducing the infestation of diseases and weeds on plants.

They make research on how to cross-breed plants and the best method for growing them.

In gardens, Horticulturists check out the growth of plants and their health status. They apply chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Additionally, they market shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and other horticulturist’s products to customers and the public at large.

However, putting into consideration timing and weather conditions, horticulturists also help in planning for planting and rotation.

Where Can Horticulturists Work?

Horticulturists can work in various places depending on the type of services needed.

  • Horticulturists can work in industries to enhance their sustainability and maintain healthy competition
  • They can also work in agricultural research institutes or companies where their major focus is on discovery, propagation, cross-breeding and promoting the growth of plants.
  • They can also work in large recreational gardens where they help in pruning and making the flowers and other decorative plants attractive.
  • Universities and colleges
  • Nurseries and greenhouses

Career Opportunities in Horticulture

  1. Ornamental Horticulturist:

They are focused on the use and care of flowers for decorative purposes. They can work in nurseries, flower stores and so on.

  1. Nursery Staffer:

They look after newly planted plants, then water them and give general care to the plants in the nurse.

  1. Pest Management:

Horticulturists must work assiduously to ensure that the effect of pests is reduced to the barest minimum by following the world global practice in that regard.

Taking orders and following due regulations is paramount here.

  1. Business Management:

Enterprise can be set up by practicing horticulture depending on the area you want to go into. You can set up a farm, open a nursery farm, or go into the landscaping business.

  1. Landscape Designer:

They can work for private firms and public corporations. They formulate designs for specific purposes.

  1. Writer:

Horticulturists can also work as writers for farm magazines, television and radio stations.



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