What Does Quality Assurance Analyst Do?

Description of Quality Assurance Analyst?

A quality assurance analyst performs various duties. Their duties cover both the role of testing and documentation of system and software reports.

When a system software is developed for a company, a quality assurance analyst is expected to test it. They also test other computer applications to ensure that they function properly as needed and expected.

They work strictly with the finances and desire of their organizations. This they do while bearing in mind that improving software products is one of its paramount duties.

The software they test may be new ones or old ones that need to be upgraded and modified. In light of this, after testing, they proffer improvement options for the software developers.

They usually work hand in hand with developers and find appropriate changes to software and most times repeat the testing.

As earlier mentioned, they also play the role of documentation. This means that all the testing process are recorded.

They describe the testing methods, program and evaluation, and recommendations for the improvement of the software.

They also teach and instruct users on how to use the software effectively.

Academic Requirements of a Quality Assurance Analyst

For you to be employed as a quality assurance analyst in a company, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in an Information technology course.

With relevant educational qualifications, a Quality Assurance analyst is expected to understand the concept of software development and the various method used in the analysis. In some companies, the software is tested using applications, so in a case like this, they are expected to be conversant with such applications.

It is advisable for a quality assurance analyst to always update his know-how expertise by studying the latest technologies and staying relevant in the field.

Where can Quality Assurance Analyst Work?

They can work in various places. They especially work in places where computer software is used to carry pout operations.

These places include;

  • Industries:

The service of Quality assurance analysts are needed in manufacturing industries. They suggest how best a production can be made quality.

He or she rejects fake products and gives suggestions on how the quality ones can be produced and most cases permanently substandard through viable and efficient recommendations.

  • Finance and Insurance Companies:

Most of the software financial institutions use in examining, analyzing and computing figures, taking records and documentation are tested and approved by QA Analyst.

They can also work in food and healthcare organizations.

Skill and Experience of a Quality Assurance Analyst

Employers always have the opinion that the longer number of years a QA analyst works, the more vast, wide, deep and voluminous his/her experience.

This opinion is considered true in other fields too.

In essence, the number of years you have been in the field dictates your experience which also dictates your salary. Experienced and skilled workers receive a bigger salary than the less experienced workers.

Prospects of Quality Assurance Analysts

Since the services of Quality Assurance Analysts are needed in many and important workplaces like a government agency, industry, and food and healthcare companies and so on, the chance of getting a job is very high.

In America, jobs in the computer system analysts industry are hoped to grow by 9 percent over the next ten years.

Also, with the daily increase in technologies, the services of the QA analyst is expected to rise.

Summarized Duties of a Quality Assurance Analyst

  • QA Analyst is responsible for supporting the planning, design, and implementation of system testing
  • They help to validate test cases based upon system requirements
  • Review user requirement documents to make sure that requirements are testable
  • Validate that user expectations are met during the testing process
  • Perform testing on various software.
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